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Why Use Gift Certificates?

by Byrne Anderson
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Gift certificates are the perfect solution for consumers. They offer convenience and headache-free gift opportunities for givers. And recipients appreciate how gift certificates encourage them to spend money in a way that gives them pleasure.

But for businesses, they’re the gift that keeps on giving. Not only do gift cards increase sales, but they also raise brand awareness. Adding a gift certificate option engages customers and keeps them coming back.

Not sure whether making gift certificates available to customers could work for you? Keep reading to find out how gift cards could benefit your business.

Increase Sales

Gift certificates state their cost in black and white. Because of this, gift certificate givers often feel increased pressure to be more generous. This means they tend to load up a blank gift certificate with more money than they would spend on a physical gift.

What’s more, when it comes to spending their gift certificate, recipients often see the funds on a gift card as ‘free’. As such, they’re more likely to pay out of their own pocket to buy a higher-priced product or service.

Generate Advanced Revenue

Gift certificates also help improve cash flow to your business since they generate advanced revenue. Before you need to provide the customer with a service or product, you secure money to invest in your brand.

Build Brand Awareness 

Gift certificates offer cost-effective advertising while maintaining awareness within your market. Whether physical or virtual, gift certificates offer customers a way to share your brand’s message.

Custom gift certificates can reinforce the style, target market, and other brand specifics. And free gift certificate templates offer you a way to choose your own gift certificate ideas and designs.

Enable Customer Engagement

Gift certificates open doors to deeper customer connections and future marketing opportunities. Whether they knew your brand before or not, recipients must engage with your business to use their gift certificate. This then creates the chance for you to secure them as ambassadors of your brand.

Offer Easy Distribution

Displaying gift cards near payment desks and cash registers is a cost-effective use of in-store space. Gift card displays within larger stores expose your brand to a wider range of customers.

Making gift certificates available on your website offers a consistent and easy option for customers. And, the possibility of sending payment codes via email also cuts down on the logistics and potential problems involved with sending physical products.

The Benefits of Using Gift Certificates 

As this list of benefits shows, there are plenty of reasons to use gift certificates within your business model.

From salons, restaurants, and subscription services to e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores, many different types of brands offering a range of products and services see no end of positive results when making gift certificates available to customers.

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