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What You Need to Know About Visitor Management Software

by Byrne Anderson
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Do you worry about staff going back to the office due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic? There could be large numbers of people flowing through your company’s doors, and you don’t know if they are carrying a virus, COVID related or otherwise. This is when using visitor management software can have a transformative effect on how you meet and greet visitors.

But, these systems are likely to be a permanent fixture in offices even after the pandemic due to their wide range of features. There are many fantastic advantages that ensure staff and clients will agree your software is a solid investment.

Read on to find out why you need to buy a visitor management system today.

Visitor Self Check-In

You may already have a visitor manager, but it’s no longer efficient or practical to have a staff member spend hours of their day greeting guests. Clients are also more likely to feel safer being in contact with fewer people.

Visitors can enjoy checking themselves in using touchless visitor management software. Guests can do this instantly and don’t have to wait for an employee to meet them on arrival.

Health and Wellness Screening

Your visitor management software can also take guests’ temperature readings and confirm they are wearing a mask. You may prevent an infection from spreading throughout your building, keeping everyone safer in the process.

You can also preload your guest management system with customized questionnaires. People must then complete these to ensure it is suitable to allow them entry to your offices.

Employee Notification System

Visitor management is about more than prescreening guests as they arrive. It’s also about making sure your staff can greet them without wasting precious working minutes. When a visitor is due to arrive at a certain time, an employee might level their desk five minutes early to meet their guest.

If the visitor is then five minutes late, your staff member is wasting time while they wait. But, intelligent software can send an email or text message as soon as a guest checks in. This means your employee can attend immediately. Their client will be comfortable while waiting for them in the reception area.

Video and Documentation Provision

You can also use guest management software to play videos and present documentation to anyone entering your premises. This can keep you compliant with health and safety processes. You can also ensure guests sign any relevant documents before walking through your building.

Order Your Visitor Management Software Today

When introducing new technology to your business, it’s important that your staff and clients support your decision. There’s no doubt everyone will agree that visitor management software is a positive addition. You can streamline your operation and keep people safer at a cost-effective price. This makes your business environment more efficient for all parties.

You’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without this technology.

Before you rush off to buy a visitor management system, be sure to check out more useful posts in our Management section before you go.

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