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What Is the Importance of Blast Rooms?

by Byrne Anderson
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Blast rooms provide you with a safe area to effectively prepare metal for finishing. When your business uses this type of space, you can save the environment, money, and time because abrasive materials are recovered and recycled over and over again.

Today, businesses utilize abrasive blasting to remove rust, paint (or another coating), and mill scale from metal surfaces. Once removed, the surface can be re-coated or restored.

With this process, you can be confident that the surface is smooth and problem-free to accept the new coating.

Blast Rooms Defined

Also called blast booths, modern abrasive blast rooms are large chambers designed to store blast pots, to collect abrasive leftovers, and recycle the abrasive used.

In the room, there is an enclosure that keeps fine abrasive material from getting into the outside air. There’s also a system used to reclaim the abrasive material being used.

Once recovered, the leftover abrasive is moved to a recovery system to separate the dust and leftovers. This ensures the abrasive material can be used again.

Parts of the Blast Room

Blast rooms are made up of several components. Each one has a specific purpose and job.

The components of a typical blast room are listed here.


This is used to keep abrasive material from escaping and getting into the outside air.

Blasting Component

The blasting component contains different abrasive materials and pressurized air. Valves are also in place to let workers start or stop the flow.

Abrasive Recovery System

This system will recover all remaining abrasives from blasting and sucks or sweeps them into the dust collector.

Dust Collector

They are designed to filter the room air and keep particulate matter from getting into the outside air.

Recycling Station

The recycling station will sift through the leftover abrasive to separate the fine dust and high-grit abrasive that can then be reused.

Benefits of Blast Rooms

Several benefits can be seen by businesses that use blast rooms. These include:

Improved Dust Collection

Blasting using any type of media produces a lot of dust and debris. Because of this, you need an effective and innovative solution to collect these items.

With the right configuration in your blast room, you can ensure surrounding structures and people’s safety and save money by collecting the abrasive material to use again for future projects.

Fully Contained Unit

Today, you can find blast room configurations that provide you with all the features needed to handle the project at hand. You can even purchase stand-alone blast rooms that come ready to use to your location.

Understanding Blast Rooms

As you can see from the information above, blast rooms have an important purpose. Because of this, they are an integral part of many business operations.

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