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What is CNC Production Machining?

by Byrne Anderson
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CNC stands for computer numerical control, a manufacturing process that makes products in various dimensions. Utilizing CNC production depends on numerous factors for some people, meaning there are distinctions in the product volume when using this process. Reach out to us for the best CNC production machining companies near me.

This process is mainly used in place of additive manufacturing procedures like 3D printing. It has an automated feature that makes it easy to develop high-quality parts with the best accuracy. Below we discuss everything you need to know about CNC production machining.

Steps in CNC Machining

Even though the CNC machining process features various capabilities and operations, the essential principles of this procedure are the same. The top CNC machining steps include;

  • CAD Model Designing

The CNC machining process starts with developing 2D vectors. This process can either be done in-house or with the help of a CAD. The CAD software allows manufacturers and designers to quickly build a product or render different parts.

Manufacturers can also fine-tune their products depending on technical specifications like geometrics and dimensions. After the CAD design, the manufacturer might move it to a compatible file format like IGES.

  • CAD File Conversion

The CAD design is then formatted and passed through a specific software to acquire the part’s geometry and develop a digital programming code. This file will give the CNC machine commands, manipulating the tooling to create a custom design.

Remember, numerically controlled devices use various languages, but the G-Code is the most common in the CNC sector.

  • Machine Configuration

The operator must prepare CNC tools before executing the CNC program. The main steps here are;

  • Fixing the part in the machine directly
  • Attaching the required tooling, like cutters and drills, to the needed machine components.
  • Machining Operation Execution

The CNC program represents the CNC machine that presents the machine’s controls, which further dictate the tooling’s movements and actions. Also, launching this program makes the tool start the CNC machining procedure. The device is guided through various operations as it carries out the required steps to manufacture a custom product or part.

These benefits are the main reason we have seen an increase in CNC production machining companies.

CNC Machining Processes

The CNC production machining process has become prevalent mainly due to its benefits. These numerous advantages have led to the creation of various CNC production drilling companies, and below, we discuss the entire process.

  • CNC Drilling

Drilling is the first process in CNC production drilling companies. The CNC machine mainly advances the drill when drilling occurs in a technique that produces vertical holes. These holes also have an equal diameter, and the main operational capabilities include reaming, milling, and tapping.

  • CNC Milling

The CNC machine puts the workpiece in the same direction as the cutting tool during milling, which is not the case with manual milling.

Final Thoughts

CNC production machining has become so common recently, explaining the high number of CNC production machining companies today. The above article has discussed all you need to know about CNC machining, and you can contact us for more details.

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