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Ways to Show Your Employees You Care

by Byrne Anderson
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The term “employee recognition” can mean different things to different people. It can be an acknowledgement of an employee’s contributions, a day off with pay, or even a small gift to show your appreciation. However, all employees want to feel appreciated. They work hard for your company every day and deserve the appreciation that comes with being recognized. The key is being creative with your recognition program so that it fits into the culture of your company, while also creating positive effects for both your employees and your company. Here are some benefits of setting up employee recognition programs to show your employees that you care.

Why Recognize Employees?

Happy employees create a culture of success for your company. A workplace with happy employees is much more likely to be successful and more attractive to prospective employees. In addition, happy employees produce better quality products and a higher number of referrals. These benefits result from employees being recognized for their accomplishments. Happy employees will then work harder to continue to make sure the company continues to do well. Recognize your employees for their accomplishments through employee recognition programs and you will have happier employees who are more likely to work hard and help you meet your company’s goals.

Happy employees are more productive, more engaged, and more willing to take on additional responsibilities and duties. If your employees are happy, they’re more likely to stick with the company. If your employees feel respected and appreciated by the company and their peers, they’ll also be motivated to work hard and contribute to the company’s success. A recognition program will have a positive impact on your employees and their attitudes.

Acknowledgment of an Employee’s Contributions

Employee recognition can be given by a specific and purposeful action, rather than being as general as “thanks for your hard work.” This is especially useful in the case of a promotion, where a higher level of work is expected. Employee recognition should show that the manager knows the work the employee has already completed and is willing to continue to help them succeed. It should be clear that the higher the level of work, the higher the expectations.

With higher expectations though also comes greater accountability. When you give your employees an opportunity to be recognized, you can actually show them your commitment to helping them reach their full potential. This will make your employees appreciate your trust and appreciation even more.

A Day Off with Pay

A paid day off of work is a great way to show your appreciation to employees who have been there for a long time and deserve a day off for their efforts. Many companies offer gift certificates to stores to give employees so they can shop, but you can make your own gift certificate that your employees can use to take a vacation or purchase needed items. You can also include a specific direction about how to spend the day, such as to go to the beach or other local attractions.

Free Coffee or Lunch

Giving employees a gift certificate to a local restaurant, coffee shop, or bar or giving them a few extra dollars to buy their lunch can both show your employees that you are happy for them and are grateful for the work that they do for your company.

Small Gift to Show Appreciation

People often share stories of employees getting small tokens of appreciation in the workplace. These tokens are much better than a paid day off because they not only show appreciation but also allow employees to share it with others in their lives.

In Summary

Research studies have found that most people enjoy recognition. However, those benefits aren’t the only ones that come with employee recognition. Recognizing employees increase their productivity, job satisfaction, and job satisfaction. Employees will feel valued, and you can create more engagement among your employees, which will improve the customer experience and reduce staff turnover. Having an employee recognition program may cost more, but studies have shown that employee retention rates increase with the adoption of employee recognition programs. An employee recognition program will also keep you motivated, improve your company’s bottom line, and make your employees happy.

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