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Video Content Marketing on a Shoestring: How to Plan Your Budget

by Byrne Anderson
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Searching for the best tips for video content marketing? Want to make great videos for your company on a tight budget?

Video content marketing can be useful for promoting your goods and services and building brand awareness online. However, video marketing can be difficult if you’re on your budget. You’ll want to make sure that you’re planning your video content carefully if you don’t have much money to spend.

Here are a few tips you can use to plan your budget when launching a video marketing campaign.

1. Think Carefully About Hiring

When creating marketing videos for your company, hiring the right people to get the job done can be costly. However, hiring a few student videographers or an affordable videography company can be well worth it if you need a bit of extra help making a great video.

If you’re hiring any outside help, however, make sure to be selective. Check a videographer’s portfolio and find out what their qualifications are. You should also look for a video company that has experience in the type of videos you’ll be creating. If you operate a non-profit organization, for example, then you may want to look for a reliable nonprofit video production company.

Additionally, when hiring actors, make sure that you think carefully about how many you need for your video. If your video content idea requires a lot of extra actors, the costs can add up quickly.

If you’re working with a low budget, you may want to stick to one or two actors or consider ways of using none at all. Making an animated video instead or creating a video with only a voiceover can be good options.

2. Rethink Equipment Needs

If you’re creating video content for marketing in-house, you may believe that you need to have access to expensive equipment. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. A lot can be done with just a few pieces of simple video equipment that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. While specialized equipment can help you shoot better videos, you can do quite a bit with just a single camera or even just an iPhone.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t need to use the most professional video editing software when getting started either. While Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve can be powerful tools for video editing, you can do a lot with free software or software that is built into a computer, such as iMovie.

Additionally, remember that if you do need more expensive equipment for a shoot, buying it may not be necessary. Renting video equipment can be a great option and can allow you to get a lot done without a big investment.

3. Consider the Length of Your Video Content

If you want to make great marketing videos on a small budget, it’s a good idea to make shorter videos rather than long-form content. It’s a lot cheaper to make multiple short videos than making one longer one, so you’ll want to consider how long the content you’re making should be.

Fortunately, people tend to prefer watching shorter videos rather than longer ones online. Short, snappy content is more watchable and more sharable for an online audience who has a short attention span.

The length you decide on for the content you create will depend on a number of factors such as your industry, the platform, and more. However, making videos that are 2 minutes long or less is usually a great starting point for grabbing the attention of your audience and getting your point across. Creating videos of this length will also be very budget-friendly as well.

4. Develop Content Ideas For Less

There are many ways to write content for a video marketing campaign, and some of them are cheaper than others. While hiring a great writer can be helpful, it can also be costly.

As an alternative, you may want to consider finding a gifted employee who can outline and write the video content for your company instead. If you’re making shorter videos, creating a script may be pretty straightforward, so it may not be necessary to hire a writer for the task.

If you’re looking for ideas for video content, another great option is to repurpose existing content and make it into video form. Blog posts and other types of content that your business has already created can be great sources of inspiration for a marketing video.

5. Know Who Your Videos Are For

One of the keys to planning a great video marketing campaign on a small budget is to make sure that you understand your audience. You need to be sure that you know who you’re marketing your goods and services to and what you want your videos to accomplish.

Taking a one-size-fits-all approach when creating videos and trying to reach everyone with one video is not a budget-friendly approach. When you know who your audience is, you can craft your videos with them in mind. You can set a tone for a video that has the best chance of connecting with them.

Tailoring your videos for your audience will allow you to get a better bang for your buck and will increase the chances of people paying attention to your video and of the video going viral. Even if you’re making a short video, taking an approach that is tailored for your specific audience will help you ensure that you’re using your budget wisely.

Making the Most of Your Video Content Marketing Budget

If you want to create a killer video content marketing campaign on a small budget, it can be done. However, you’ll want to be sure that you think about every factor regarding your videos if you want them to have an impact on your business.

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