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The Importance of Having a User-Friendly Website

by Byrne Anderson
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Looking to make your website convert more customers?

Billions of websites exist around the world. Your website is like a drop of water in the ocean. The scale might discourage you, but it’s not difficult to stand out.

If you want to get better at attracting customers, you must become a user friendly website. The best part is that this isn’t the only benefit you’ll gain. Read on and learn the importance of a good website design:

  1. Serves as Your Business’s First Impression

Most potential clients use their smartphones to browse online. It’s why more of them get their first impression of your business through your website. It’s critical to impress them since they can form their opinion within a few seconds.

It means focusing on giving them a lasting positive effect. Use these few seconds to showcase how appealing your website is. It must be friendly to all user types with high responsiveness and faster loading speed.

A website that looks horrible or old-fashioned might make users cringe. They’ll form a negative first impression of your business and brand. It will turn them off and drive them to go to your competitors instead.

It’s best to maintain a decent website design. Whenever your budget allows, use it to improve your website. It’s the best way of maintaining your audience and improve lead conversion.

  1. Boosts Both Trust and Brand Consistency

The previous section discussed how people online see your website design. They use it to judge your business integrity. This is why your website must be trendy enough to foster trust.

A lot of outdated and unprofessional websites receive doubt from potential clients. They doubt their ability to invest in resources for their online presence. With that, they’ll think that you’re also unwilling to invest in them.

Your website design also determines your brand’s consistency. It’s another factor that helps boost your business’s trust. Consumers will often do business with brands they recognize.

They recognize your brand’s success and prominence using your design. Whether it’s your website’s styles, logo, or colors, customers will know. This is why your customers must identify your business with your desired branding.

Your outline, styles, and fonts must be consistent through every webpage. If every page varies in design, your website appears chaotic. It makes customers think that you’re unprofessional.

Your readers must understand what you’re trying to portray. If you have a messy design, they’ll have little to no clue about your business.

  1. Enhance Usability

With a user friendly design, visitors will have an easier time accessing your website. It takes them less effort to find the things they’re searching for. This means you can serve your customer well, regardless of their website activity.

Customers will often look for more information about your products or services. They can also look for your company’s contact details. Some will check your About page to learn more about your brand.

Designing your website well makes these important pages easier to find. Otherwise, they’ll leave with a bad experience. It makes them spend less time on your website.

Your website can look good. However, bad designs make it difficult to locate the right information. It makes people feel frustrated and unwilling to work with your business.

Check this article from Decibel to learn about their new technology. It helps eliminate the guesswork involved in solving problems. They look behind your web analytics data.

  1. Eases Navigation

Invest in a high-quality website design for better navigation. Most professionals use Hick’s Law when designing them. It means the duration before coming into a decision depends on the available choices.

If you have lots of choices, your decision will take longer. Designers aim to reduce the customers’ options by simplifying the website. It makes the decision process easier for them.

It also helps your website direct them better toward your desired action. Limit your website’s options to five or fewer. Otherwise, it might become too complex to navigate.

Look at your product menu. If you find several similar options, merge them into a single yet more comprehensive one. Your visitors will find your website easy to use and navigate with this principle.

  1. Helps With Your Digital Marketing and SEO Strategy

Your site’s content publishing depends on its design components and techniques. It influences how search engines rank your page. This is why some web design factors hurt your SEO strategy.

To make your page more visible, ensure that your web design elements are SEO-friendly. Use reputable techniques to avoid getting penalized.

If it’s outside your expertise, work with a competent full-service agency. They can help you handle SEO and web design.

These companies help optimize your websites. They drive search engines and organic traffic to your website. It results in a better online presence and more sales.

  1. Improve Website User Performance

Well-designed websites tend to load rapidly. It matters not whether you’re using a desktop or smartphone. It’s because of their high-quality visual media.

If you optimize your website design, your pages will load faster. It’s a requirement if you want your users to stay longer on your website. Otherwise, over half of mobile users leave if it loads longer than three seconds.

  1. Reduce Bounce Rates

Your website’s bounce rate comes from users who abandon your website after clicking on it. It’s often because your website is unresponsive or slow-loading.

If your website has a good design, you can make other people stay on your website longer. It’s a great way to lower bounce rate and increase your rankings on the Google results page.

Make a User Friendly Website Right Now!

In this competitive business world, a user friendly website is a must. It’s no longer a luxury you can afford to miss out on. Improve your website with a professional if you can’t do it on your own.

Need more web design advice? Use our blog to search for more trustworthy guides today.

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