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Put your Valuable Website Data to Good Use with Site Visitor Monitoring Software

by Byrne Anderson
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If there’s a single big benefit to digital data, it must be that all of this data can be collected and then analysed to give you many insights into your site’s performance. All those ones and zeros are stored away and with the right software, you can discover accurate and essential feedback that allows you to tweak your platform to make it more user-friendly, which is a very powerful tool to have in your arsenal.

Critical Site Traffic Data

Here are just a few examples of how site visitor monitoring can help you improve the site visitor’s experience:

  • Record all site visits, plus know each user’s geographical location.
  • See which pages were visited.
  • Know how long a visitor spends on each page or section of your site.
  • Records the CTA links, telling you which were clicked.

This data can be extremely useful by highlighting aspects of your site that are underperforming, thus enabling you to make some adjustments, and if pages or products are not being viewed, there must be a reason for this and site visitor monitoring software gives you a set of powerful analytical tools to bring you essential visitor feedback. One such Australian software developer is LinkSafe, who use cutting-edge technology to gather this data and carry out in-depth analysis.

Enhancing Site Navigation

We all know what happens when a user gets lost on a website; they simply move on to another site that is on Google’s list, and by enhancing your menu-creating capabilities, you can easily direct users to the correct section of your site. These dropdown menus are fully customisable and can be placed at multiple locations, directing visitors quickly to the section they are looking for, which definitely enhances the browsing experience.

Creating Restricted Areas

It is easy to create a section that is username and password protected, thus allowing members instant access to content that is relevant, which might allow a customer to see their invoice, payment and order records. You could create a menu item for round the clock support and when a site visitor makes a support enquiry, the relevant employee would be messaged by SMS or email, informing them of the enquiry. This speeds up response times, which leads to an overall improved site user experience, and everyone is on the same page. An engineer who is on the road might be required by a client, and this system will send an SMS to their mobile device, allowing them to make immediate contact with the enquirer.

If you think this set of services might benefit your website, a Google search is all it takes to source a leading software developer, who would likely offer a complete refund in the event you are not satisfied, which is a reflection of their confidence in the product.

Get ahead of your rivals by making your site more accessible, plus you get to analyse critical site visitor data, enabling you to make positive amendments where you feel it is necessary, and, of course, once this had been done, you can monitor the results of those changes.

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