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Is Silicone A Better Alternative To Plastic Products?

by Byrne Anderson
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As you all must be aware that with the confirmation of BPA chemicals presence in plastics, most of the people have quit the products made out of it. But that was not enough, we needed to hunt for a better and safer alternative. Many of us might even don’t know what BPA is an industrial chemical (Bisphenol A) used to make certain plastics since the 60s.

A recent study has revealed that the consumption of BPA in the human body is not as safe as this might transform the chemical into a compound that is responsible for other health issues such as obesity. To overcome this situation and prevent health hazards, silicone was considered as a safer non-reactive and thermal-resistant material. Silicone is made of oxygen and silicon, it is highly versatile and can be used to make kitchenware, beauty products, and electronic items.

Since the usage of silicone as a safer alternative to plastic which does not mix up with your food or water like plastic, people have moved onto using silicone travel bottles. Even the school going children also prefer a silicone water bottle along with them due to its non-harmful property.

Should we make a switch from plastic to silicone?

You can find a lot of plastic wastages around your vicinity aroused due to the ban on plastic made items. This ban though is a very beneficial step, but the way people are dumping the plastic waste without any planning and following recommended safety measures is causing damage to our environment and health.

We are dumping over 25 billion plastic products around the globe every year. The toxic chemicals released into the ocean is spoiling marine life and messing up the oceans with pollution.

Plastic may seem to be a convenient material but considering the danger, it is posing to our health and environment, silicone made products are good and safe. The immediate solution to protect our surroundings and health is to gradually switch to silicone water bottle, kitchenware, etc.

The sustainable solution though would be to use glass jars, cloth bags, stainless steel containers as these would not raise any disposable concerns as that of plastic and silicone. Silicones are good to be used as seals or liners in reusable containers. The bottom line is; one should have cautious use of silicone in their life even though the same has been declared or considered as the safest alternative of plastic.

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