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How to get noticed at your next business event

by Byrne Anderson
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Business events are vital for getting your business known by your target audience in the most positive way. Whether you have a product launch, conference, or exhibition coming up, here is some advice on how to get noticed at your next business event.

Have effective signage

At a business event, you want to attract passersby, which is why having a brilliant exhibition stand or visible signage to demonstrate your services, ethos and branding is essential. It needs to clearly demonstrate why your organisation is brilliant and create positive brand associations with consistent imaging and colours, without being too overpowering and confusing.

These can change with your business so that they consistently offer a glimpse into the most up-to-date version of your organisation.

Modular exhibition displays by T3 Systems are a brilliant solution because they allow for repeated use and cheap changes to be made that other exhibition stands can’t. They allow for the crispest of graphics to be used that large, custom exhibition stands have to compromise on, ensuring you make the best first impression at the event. This is an affordable option that can really change how you are noticed at a business event of any size.

Update your services

As we said above, T3 Systems’ modular exhibition displays can be easily updated to reflect your business’s changing services and branding. But why should you make these changes? Whether you’ve been to many business events or this is your first, you will struggle to garner interest if your services or products are outdated or stagnant.

Work hard to find new innovations to bring to your market and stay relevant. This could be as simple as updating your displays to be relevant for the current season or market trends, which will show you are adaptable and ensure you stay eye-catching at the business event. Potential clients or business partners are more likely to turn a blind eye if they feel as if your services offer nothing new or if they get accustomed to the same boring branding and colours.


Your unique signage has encouraged attendees to approach you – now what? The answer is simple but takes some practice, and it is to talk. Put yourself out there and promote your business, explaining what you bring that is unique and what your key selling points are. Having posters or leaflets with key points will help as a guiding point, but being able to make personal connections and show there is passion behind the business is how real clients and partners will be reached.

You may wish to give away small freebies which will encourage people to approach and this could be your opening for starting a conversation.

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