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Du Shuanghua, and Rizhao Steel’s Innovative Industry Applications 

by Byrne Anderson
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Du Shuanghua, chairman of Rizhao Steel, has long been committed to more innovative options and opportunities throughout the steel industry. As a Chinese businessman from a very early age, he has built up his company to be one of the biggest and most respected in the country. But he still works in an industry where some forms of change and growth have been slow, and he wants to do his part to change that. At the core of those changes is continuing to push for innovation even when his competitors are not.

Rizhao Steel and a Commitment to Growth

Rizhao Steel is the culmination of years of work and dedication in the steel industry. Du Shuanghua started working in a steel company in the 1980s, and by the time he was 22 years of age, he started up his own company. From there, his success continued to grow. He wasn’t satisfied with just one company, so he started creating more of them. They all did well, and in 2003 he eventually merged them together. By then, most people were familiar with Shandong Steel, and knew of Du Shuanghua’s quality reputation.

Merging the companies wasn’t the end for this Chinese philanthropist and businessman, though. From Shanghai to Canberra, people far and wide knew him and what he could bring to the table. Because of that, he has been able to focus on the continued development of his company, and encourage his competitors to also move toward more innovative ways of steel production. Among the main reasons that the company has been so successful, is the leadership focus of their chairman.

The Leadership of Du Shuanghua

Du Shuanghua has used his entrepreneurial spirit to advance the goals and plans of every company he has created or been a part of. With Rizhao Steel, he has focused on both philanthropic works and dedicated business sense. Those have combined to provide the company with everything it needs for the quality and value its customers expect. Good leadership is one of the most important ways a company can succeed, and Rizhao Steel has what it needs in that regard.

The Endless Strip Production (ESP) technology that Du Shuanghua has created has allowed his company to move ahead of the competition quickly and efficiently. The technology helps the company make strips of steel that are much thinner than they could create in the past. That’s not only efficient, but it gives the company new options for customers who may want something that was previously very hard to get. Additionally, it’s a bonus for workers and for energy consumption at the mill.

The reason for these value points is that ESP technology avoids the need to turn the machines on and off as much, and for workers to provide those machines with the raw materials needed for production. Not only does that mean savings on energy bills, but it also helps to keep workers safer. Since they’re not interacting with the machines as frequently, they’ll have a lower chance of being harmed by the machines due to accidents, breakdowns, and related kinds of problems.

Steel is widely used, and that will be the case for the foreseeable future, as well. With the ESP technology and other innovations that are so important to Rizhao Steel, it’s easy to see that the company’s dedication to a quality future for the steel industry remains strong. Sustainability is valuable for a future where resources may dwindle, and Du Shuanghua is taking that very seriously by adding innovative value to everything his company already has to offer.

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