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A Guide to Sourcing the Right Employees for Key Positions

by Byrne Anderson
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As a business owner, you can appreciate the importance of having key players in your team, and finding such people can sometimes seem like an insurmountable task, with so many applicants. This can drain you and your resources and making an error when hiring is going to be an expensive mistake, either long or short term, and with that in mind, here are some tips to ensure that you hire the right people for key positions within your business.

  • Outsource to a leading recruitment agency – This is the best solution, for many reasons; firstly, your resources do not have to be used in the search for the best person to fill the vacancy, and the agency will screen all applicants and you will interview the shortlisted candidates. If you are based in Australia, look no further than Schward Recruit, who are specialists in making connections between high achievers and businesses. Outsourcing takes the pressure off you, plus the agency are very experienced and can advise you accordingly, which can lead to making the right choices when hiring people.
  • Set your own guidelines – If, for example, a position has become available, you decide what the criteria are for potential candidates and the recruitment agency will follow your directive. You might decide that enthusiasm and a passion for learning are critical traits, and by briefing the recruitment agency, they will include this when screening potential employees. This tailored approach offers benefits to both employer and employee, and for the little it costs, using a recruitment agency is the smart way to find the best people to join your team.
  • Interviewing Candidates – Once unsuitable candidates have been removed from the list, you now have a list of applicants to interview. Working with a reputable recruitment agency allows you to determine the line of interviewing, and with their expertise, they can help you to create the right ambience, while asking the right questions. The correct interviewing techniques can reveal things about a person and this can help when you have a difficult decision to make over who you are going to hire.

The reason why major companies maintain a connection with a leading recruitment agency is they wish to access the best of the available workforce at any given time. The cost of doing so is minor when you consider the cost incurred when hiring an unsuitable candidate, so it is wise to commission a recruitment agency when you need key players for your team.

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