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8 Tips For Setting Up a Coffee Bar for Your Event

by Byrne Anderson
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Coffee is beneficial to the body. It’s well-known for keeping people alert and awake and boosting energy levels. However, that’s not the only thing it can do. Coffee can be included as part of catering for your events to keep your guests warm and energetic. Including coffee comes with other benefits, such as adding sophistication and affordability. Whether you have a wedding, housewarming, birthday, movie night, bridal shower, or any other party, below are some tips to help you set up a coffee bar for your event.

1. Set Up a Space for Your Coffee Station

Where you locate your station largely depends on your dining room layout. You need to dedicate ample space to your coffee station. Basically, the station should be conveniently located to make it easy for people to serve themselves or queue to be served without bringing confusion.

Also, your coffee station needs to have an elegant display. You can achieve this by adding flowers and other pieces of decor if it is large enough. You should also choose a spacious table or any other piece of furniture for your station to avoid cramping up things.

2. Have Various Coffee Options

You need to have a variety of coffee options for your guests. However, they should be in rhyme with the theme of your event. Some of the coffee options you can choose include hot coffees such as cappuccinos, espressos, and latte. Instant coffees also make a good option.

 Apart from the types of coffee, you should also get varying flavors. Some of the sweetest flavors you can get include vanilla, caramel, and chocolate.

If the weather is hot, you can consider having iced blend coffee for your guests. There are several options for these, including iced lattes, Frappuccino, and others. Having some cold ice would definitely make your guests feel refreshed.

3. Use The Right Cups for Serving

Disposable coffee cups make great options for serving coffee during events. They are available in different sizes, colors, designs and can also be customized to suit your needs. They are also more affordable. Ensure you get enough cups for your guests.

4. Have All the Required Accessories

You will need to have some accessories for your coffee bar set up. These include labels to help the guest know what is inside the coffee cups. You also need to have some containers to place things such as coffee beans and additional treats.

You also need to have all the equipment for making coffee, such as grinders and coffee makers. You can always hire this equipment if you don’t have them.

5. Make Sure the Coffee Is of High Quality

When brewing coffee, you need to make sure it’s of good quality and that your guests enjoy it. Brewing coffee is not hard. It all starts by getting high-quality fresh beans and knowing how to use coffee-making equipment. However, if you are not sure of your coffee brewing skills, hire a barrister to help you out.

6. Only Brew What Is Needed

You should only brew what is needed to avoid wastage. To achieve this, know the number of guests who will attend your event and work with it. However, keep in mind that some people will not be interested in making coffee, while others will want to have more. Just create a balance when brewing. Adding instant coffee as an option is also a good idea in case the coffee you brew won’t be enough.

7. Customize Your Station

Customizing your coffee station creates a touch of personality and uniqueness in your event. There are several ways to customize your station, from the beverages you use and the accessories. You can also get customized serving cups. They can be customized using artwork and other decorations.

8. Have Some Additional Treats

Adding some treats to your coffee station, such as dessert, will take the whole coffee experience to another level. You can add small doughnut pieces which your guests can take together with coffee. Cookies, muffins, and cinnamon rolls also make good options for additional treats. This not only excites the taste buds of your guests but also makes them fuller and more energetic.

There are several fascinating coffee bar ideas you can try out for your event. Setting a coffee bar will excite your guests and help them feel warmer and more energetic. The next time you are having an event, try out coffee and use the tips given above.

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