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7 Reasons to Choose Wood Flowers for Your Wedding

by Byrne Anderson
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Couples spend an average of $2,000 on flowers for their weddings.

Why are they willing to spend so much money? Because flowers are a vital aspect of any wedding, especially the bride’s bouquet.

Is it possible to have beautiful flowers without spending a fortune? Are there other options if fresh flowers aren’t what you envision for your wedding? Yes, and yes!

Continue reading to learn why you should consider wood flowers for your wedding bouquet and seven of the benefits that come from doing so.

  1. Get More For Your Money

Buying wooden flowers can save you a significant amount of money, and they last forever instead of a mere few hours to a couple of days.

If you opt for wooden flowers, you will either be saving money in comparison to what you would have spent on fresh flowers, or you can spend just as much but get so much more in return!

Either way, they’re a better option from a financial standpoint. So stressing over money doesn’t need to be an issue if you choose to go in this direction.

  1. More Diverse Options

There are many different kinds of Luv Sola Flowers for you to choose from.

Suppose you get a wedding bouquet arrangement of real flowers. In that case, your options will likely be limited based on what’s currently in season around you, or else you will be spending a ton of money on getting them shipped in from somewhere and hope they look okay once they arrive.

You still have many options to pick from with wooden flowers, and you can customize them yourself! All it takes is some special paint, and you can have colors in every color and shade of the rainbow.

This not only gives you more diverse options, but it also adds a special DIY touch to your wedding that you would have missed out on otherwise.

  1. They Last Forever

As mentioned before, fresh flowers are really only fresh for a few days at most, and that’s when they’re being kept in water.

You won’t need to worry about your wooden flowers wilting or not looking their best because they last forever.

Aside from not worrying on the day of your wedding, you also won’t have to worry about finding a way to preserve them. Many brides like to keep their bouquets as a memory from their special day, and getting wooden flowers makes this easy.

Even 50 years down the line, they will still look just as they did on your wedding day.

  1. They’re Unique

Brides always seem to be looking for ways to make their weddings unique and special, and having wooden flowers is one easy way to do this.

They’re unique because although they’re growing in popularity, not as many people use them as people that use fresh flowers. Plus, you can add your own personal touch by coloring and decorating them yourself if you want a color that isn’t available online.

No matter how you look at it, wooden flowers add a unique touch to your wedding.

  1. No Need To Worry About Wilting

There are already too many things to worry about on your wedding day; don’t make worrying about wilted flowers one of them.

You no doubt want your flowers to look fantastic from the time you’re preparing to walk down the aisle until you’re wrapping up your reception. This way, they look lovely in all of the photos.

Getting wooden flowers is the only way to guarantee that your flowers won’t be looking worse for wear by the end of the night.

  1. A Risk-Free Allergy Option

Many people have pollen allergies, and worrying about people having their allergies acting up during your wedding isn’t a pleasant thought.

This is an especially important thing to consider if you or your partner have allergies. Imagine how terrible it would be to be suffering from a runny nose, watery eyes, or other allergy-related issues on your big day!

Instead of having this even be a crossing thought, getting wooden flowers prevents this from being an issue in the first place. This ensures that your loved ones are all able to focus on celebrating your love and having an amazing time at your party.

  1. Eco Friendly As Can Be

The wood used to make most wooden flowers is plentiful and easy to grow and develop. Because of this, they don’t cause any significant damage to the environment and are using a plethora of precious resources to grow.

Many people today enjoy making environmentally conscious decisions, and one other small way to do so is by opting for wooden flowers rather than their fresh counterparts.

This is one of those small wedding details that you will undoubtedly look back on and be glad that you kept in mind.

Craft Your Ideal Wedding Bouquet Today

A wedding is an exciting event, and although you have many decisions to make, one decision that can come easy is what flowers you use to make your wedding bouquet.

If you opt for wooden flowers over traditional flowers, you will enjoy the seven benefits mentioned here and other benefits that we didn’t say as well.

Whether you’re enjoying an allergy-free reception, loving the extra money you have to put towards different things, or anything in between, wooden flowers should make their debut at your wedding.

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