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6 Tips for Publishing on for Business

by Byrne Anderson
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You’re a freelance writer, blogger, or marketing person. You want to show off your new writing chops or land some new clients using your writing skills. Where do you start? Well, Medium is a great place. Not only because it’s a great social network with active users, but because getting published there brings you closer to some serious clout.

The biggest perk of Medium is, even though you don’t boast a massive number of followers, or even if you are not a celebrity, what gets you noticed here is your content. You can publish unique pieces, and you will be heard regardless of your following.

This piece will go over six tips you can use to publish on Medium for business and get tons of eyes on your content.

Here are practical tips for publishing on Medium for businesses:

1. Use Compelling Images

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Consider that your image could be the deciding factor between someone clicking your story or passing it by without a second look. The more attention-grabbing your image is, the higher it will rank on Medium, which means more readers will see it. The images used should be relevant to the subject of your article, add to the quality of it, and not end up becoming a distraction.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to insert attention-grabbing images into your story. There are copyright-free photos from the likes of Pixabay, Unsplash, and Flickr that you can use.

2. Creativity is Key

Medium audience is more sophisticated and well-informed than ever before; they want to engage with websites and blogs that deliver fresh, exciting content.

In this competitive environment, you need to offer your readers something unique and different. one creative use of content is to publish your company’s podcast transcripts.

Medium is the perfect platform for this because its readers love a good story, and they’ll get even more invested in your business if they can see it being mentioned frequently in the news. This is one of the best ways to get more reach on Medium.

3. Spend a few Dollars on Social Media Ads to Give Your Post a Boost

It is possible to write a great article on Medium but still stay unnoticed. That is the reason why you should consider boosting your post with some social media promotion, especially if it’s your first time on Medium. Sure, the site can bring you so many unique readers, but there are also times when people just skip your content.

Promote your Medium posts on Facebook and Twitter by running ads. If your only goal is to gain more hearts, you’ll need to target your ads to people on Medium because otherwise, it’s a waste.

You’ll see your post trending more and more often as more and more people read it, heart it, and share it.

4. Work with Medium Publications for More Exposure.

If you want to grow your audience on Medium and promote your business, you should work with Medium publications. There are tons of publications on that give you a space to share any valuable and usable content for the audience. Editors curate these publications, and they approve your submission if it fits within the scope of their publication.

You can also use these Medium publication platforms to promote your business. For example, let’s say you have a web design company or a content marketing agency — you can get yourself featured in the best Medium publications to grow your business.

5.  Follow People Who Like Your Posts

Follow people who engage with your posts. If they like what they see and read, they’re likely to follow you right back. As soon as they return to Medium, their eyes will be drawn to your profile and any new posts you have made.

6. Post Regularly

The key to making an impact on Medium is consistency. It would be best if you aimed to post regularly. We recommend building a publishing schedule and adhering to it as best you can. If you already have a blog, you can repurpose your best content by rewriting it for Medium.

Final Thoughts

Medium is an excellent platform for creating content and increasing your business outreach. The tips mentioned above will help you get more traffic on Medium as well. If you are looking to publish on Medium, just follow these steps and keep track of the actions of your competitors so you can write better content than them.

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