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6 Surprising Raspberry Pi Uses

by Byrne Anderson
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Ever seen a Raspberry Pi computer?

At its core, it’s a tiny computer packed into the same space as a keyboard or mobile hard drive. Despite its small stature, however, there are a lot of Raspberry Pi uses you can squeeze out of it.

Not sure what you can do with this amazing little device? Consider this list of Raspberry Pi projects and discover a new passion today.

1. Emulator Machine

One of the most popular uses for a Raspberry Pi is to build an emulator machine. One Raspberry Pi can run emulators for the NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, and even Playstation One. With the right Raspberry Pi and good software, you might even run N64 and Dreamcast games.

2. Raspberry Pi Camera

The newer Raspberry Pi devices also come with a camera module. This allows you to create devices that can craft stop-motion videos or even live video feeds for security systems. You can even use a Raspberry Pi for a niche film project, like making an indie film using nothing but this computer’s capabilities.

3. Gaming Server

While most people buy a Raspberry Pi computer for emulation purposes, you can run games natively on it. That’s not the only cool gaming feature, however. You can also use it to run a game server.

Using one or more Raspberry Pi devices, you can run a server for games like Quake III. For people who love to run games on a private network, however, it’s best to use the device for a Minecraft server.

4. KODI Media Center

Planning to cut the cable? If you want to stick solely with online streaming services and digital media players, you’ll need a media box. Why buy one when you can build one using a Raspberry Pi?

A good example is the KODI media center. This type of build allows you to access a large library of media files, across your different devices. With a single tiny computer, you can open up movie files, pictures, and music files.

5. Control Robot Builds

Don’t forget that the Raspberry Pi is a customizable motherboard with a mid-range computer built right into it. This means you can tinker with it and customize it to control a small robot.

Using a Raspberry Pi for a robot might not sound like a big deal to some but it’s a major revolution for enthusiasts. You can even refine it further to make mobile security cameras.

6. Digital Signage

If you run a shop or restaurant, you’ll need a digital signage screen to display things like your menu or promotional ads. The good news is you don’t need to connect a laptop to a screen. You can make good use of digital signage Raspberry PI builds instead.

Not only is this a cheaper option but it saves space too. It’s a more practical way of displaying what you want to your customers.

Try Out These Cool Raspberry Pi Uses

These are six great Raspberry Pi uses that you can start trying out today. Though small, this computer can get a lot done. Yes, you will need to learn a few technical skills but there are fortunately experts to call and guides to read or watch online.

But why stop with this list? If you enjoyed this dive into the Raspberry Pi and want more tech guides, continue reading more of our content today. We also cover topics about business, finance, and marketing!

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