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5 Safety Tips for Camping

by Byrne Anderson
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In the last six years, six million more American households have taken up camping. This is fantastic! More people are finding out about the wonders of the wilderness and a back-to-basics vacation.

But newbies might not be aware of all the safety tips for camping that you need to stay out of harm’s way. Because even though camping is fun, you are still exposed to the elements and need to make the proper preparations.

And when you know all about campground safety, you will have even more fun as you will know how to tackle issues as they arise! Here are some top camping safety tips to know before you camp.

1. Camping in Bear Country? Get Prepared

If you are camping in Canada or parts of the US, you could be camping where bears live. It is vital to know everything you can about bear safety to protect you, your family, and the bears.

Store your food in a caddy (often your campground will provide them) in a tree high off the ground. Don’t keep anything that smells in your tent.

Carry bear spray, learn how to use it, and stick to trail paths when exploring.

2. Practice Campfire Safety

Lighting a campfire and toasting s’mores is one of the most exciting parts of camping. But you need to learn about campfire safety so that you and everyone around you can stay safe.

Light your campfire in an open area away from trees and keep it small and contained. Never leave a fire unattended, and make sure your campfire is out and cold when you leave it.

It’s a great idea to keep fire blankets on hand for fire safety emergencies.

3. Bring Sun Protection

When considering safety tips for camping, you need to keep regular outdoor safety tips in mind too. You need to dress for the weather and bring sun protection with you in summer.

Wear a sunhat and sunscreen with at least SPF 30. Ensure both the UVA and UVB ratings on your sunscreen are high and reapply the cream every couple of hours.

4. Pack a First Aid Kit

Slips, trips, and falls are common on outdoor trips. And since you will likely be far from medical help, bring a first aid kit.

Pack it with band-aids, bandages, and plenty of disinfectants.

5. Prepare Food and Water Supplies

Water and food are vital for survival, so make sure you have an ample supply of both! Bring water bottles and containers if your campground offers clean water.

If it doesn’t, bring iodine tablets and/or bottles with water filters so you can drink natural water.

Remember These Safety Tips for Camping on Your Next Trip

Learning safety tips for camping might not be the most fun way to spend your time. But you know what isn’t fun? Bear attacks and third-degree burns!

And once you have all the camping safety knowledge you need, you will be sure to have a memorable trip for all the right reasons.

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