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5 Basic Tips For Improving Product Packaging In 2020

by Byrne Anderson
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Creating a custom box for your product could be an overwhelming affair. Besides protecting the product from physical damage during transit, the box is an important branding tool.

If you want to do better with product packaging in 2020, you should definitely follow the 5 basic tips listed below.

  • Find the right manufacturing partner. With reliable manufacturers, the possibilities with custom packaging are literally limitless. Some companies, such as net/services/warehouse-ready-to-go/, even offer storage options. You can choose to order in bulk to get a better price, and the shipping will be done as and when required.
  • Go the sustainable way. Consumers are making the conscious choice of going for brands and products that care for the planet, and if you want your company to make an impact, going for sustainable and reusable packaging is the first step forward. For instance, you can get rid of the cardboard boxes and switch to corrugated boxes instead.
  • Make your boxes usable. If you really want to give your consumers more than the product itself, create reusable boxes. Subscription boxes & jewellery boxes are some of the common examples of such packaging, and it always strikes a chord with customers, as they are getting more than what they are actually paying for.

  • Create special editions. When you want to inspire your customers or want to reinvigorate interest in a product, you must consider launching special custom boxes once in a while. This is what even the best brands do – As they say, old wine in a new bottle. It’s one of the oldest marketing gimmicks and it always works.
  • Minimalism is necessary. As far as design of your product box is concerned, you have to try and keep things as minimal as possible. Keep in mind that minimal designs are relevant and necessary, because customers don’t have the time to read all that you write on the product box. Also, when you print less, you are saving on the ink and printing costs.

Now that you know that product packaging is more than just a box, find a vendor who can help in decoding what a box means for your brand. Style and design do matter, but what also matters is quality and value. Create a box that will have some value for your brand in the long run and will add to the marketing goals, and save money by working with vendors who also offer storage.

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