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4 Top Tips for Choosing a Blog Name

by Byrne Anderson
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Getting ready to start a blog, but feeling unsure about choosing a name? Think of your blog name as a branding tool, communicating to the public what they can expect to see when they stop by your distinct space on the internet. No matter what type of blog you’re choosing to create, whether it’s lifestyle, tech, fitness, travel or food, you need a great name that readers will remember. Here are four important considerations to remember as you decide on a name for your blog.

1. Be Unique

Your blog absolutely needs to have a catchy, memorable name. The best way to create a great name is to use Namify, whose blog name generator uses keywords that you provide to give you an interesting blog identity. This tool lets you set parameters for the resulting word combinations that the generator creates. Namify is so helpful because it comes up with fun and interesting word combinations that you wouldn’t have come up with on your own. Instead of spending time looking through a thesaurus, Namify saves you time by finding an exciting name for you.

2. Determine Your Audience

All of your blogging activities need to be focused on one main goal – reaching the right audience. Knowing your target audience will guide you as you choose one of the blog names that are generated by Namify. When you use Namify’s service to select a name that connects with your target audience, they’ll be more likely to remember your blog and become habitual readers.

3. Reach Your Audience

There’s no point in having a blog if you can’t reach your readers, right? Part of reaching potential readers is making sure that your blog performs well in search engine results, also known as Search Engine Optimization. Your search engine ranking is largely affected by the content that you produce. Fresh, unique content boosts your blog in the rankings, which in turn means that your posts will be seen more often by the people who want to see them. Another important factor that contributes to your search ranking is actually your blog name, or domain name. Using Namify’s ability to blend keywords into a unique name, you’ll actually be improving your blog’s position in the rankings.

4. Consider Tone and Style

Directly related to your target audience is the tone and style that you wish to communicate within your blog. As a general rule, though, try to use a conversational approach in everything that you do. The name of your blog should follow these general principles as well. If you plan to talk about topics that have a humorous bent, use a little bit of humor in your blog name, either literally or in an ironic way. If you want to use your blog to be seen as an authority on a specific topic, the blog name generator at Namify has a name to match this sentiment perfectly.

When it comes to making a great first impression through your blog, you only have one shot to get it right. Follow these tips to find the blog name that’s right for you.

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