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4 Methods to Reduce Appetite: What You Should Know

by Byrne Anderson
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Figuring out how to curb an insatiable appetite and still enjoy life seems to be the pinnacle of success of many health-conscious individuals. Getting healthy, losing weight, and suppressing  an uncontrollable appetite almost always involves reducing your appetite by eating less. This can seem like a monumental and tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are multiple ways to control your appetite and still enjoy having meals and even savor the foods you love. Curbing your appetite doesn’t have to be 100% restrictive. Follow this guide on 4 methods to reduce your appetite and what you should know.

  1. Plan Ahead

There’s nothing worse than feeling motivated and ready to tackle a healthy approach to eating only to find yourself binging on a random snack in your cabinet. Usually this is due to being unprepared. Preparation in an effort to curb your appetite requires that you take the time to make sure you remove potential stumbling blocks for the week ahead. One of the best ways to do so is through meal planning. Meal planning is a smart solution to avoid unwanted cravings from getting the best of you. The first step in meal planning is choosing a day, many people choose the weekend, to meal prep. This involves prepping, cooking, cooling, and portioning out the food into separate food grade containers for the week. Meal planning ensures that you’re breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or any desired combination is prepared for the week. This takes the guesswork out of dinner plans and curbs the desire to overeat. Because your meals are portioned through meal prep this ensures that you won’t find yourself eating more than you should and it will stop you from excessive snacking. Meal planning is just one way to stay prepared and plan ahead in order to reduce your appetite. There are other strategies as well such as goal setting, having a support buddy or accountability partner and many more ideas. Find a preparation plan that works best for your lifestyle. 

  1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is a powerful force in the arsenal of appetite suppression tools. Water has the power to not only boost your endurance and stamina, but it also has the ability to reduce your appetite. Drinking water before a snack or meal fills up your stomach and makes your body feel fuller so you end up eating less. Staying hydrated with water throughout the day is even more potent because it gives you a satisfied feeling all day long. Try drinking a glass or two or water anytime you want to binge eat or eat an unhealthy snack. If water sounds humdrum and totally unappealing, then you might consider flavoring your water. Don’t use flavor packets from the store as they are typically filled with unhealthy ingredients and sugar. Instead, opt for choices like fresh fruit infusions of strawberry, lemon, cucumber, and herb infusions such as mint. Avoid drinking energy drinks, sports drinks, and juices as a way to stay full. These types of wildly promoted drinks are brimming with sugar which would only stimulate you appetite instead of slowing it down.

  1. Go to Bed

Sleeping well is easier said than done but if it’s accommodated in your routine, you’ll realize the unending benefits. Getting the right amount of sleep has the power to curb your appetite and that one factor is worth giving better sleep a shot. When the body is lacking rest, we are apt to make up for our lack of energy by binge eating. On the contrary, when we sleep a solid 8-10 hours a night, our bodies functions are refreshed and restored leaving us with an energetic and healthy approach in our daily food decisions. It’s worth mentioning that women may need a couple more hours of sleep than men. Proper rest gives our body the ability to fight stress and anxiety and help us eat healthier and eat moderate portions. Try setting the tone for uninterrupted sleep by creating a dark, cool, and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. Remove all phones and sources of screen time from your bedroom.

  1. Peptide Research Potential

There are existing studies in mice that show the potential benefits of peptide use. Studies conducted on mice populations revealed a reduction in appetite when mice were given the peptide  Semaglutide. Semlaglutide worked in the mice to reduce hunger, increase a feeling fullness, and even showed general weight loss mice that had Semaglutide administered once a week. These groundbreaking results show the promise for the future use of peptides in appetite suppression.

While curbing your appetite doesn’t happen in a day, these 4 methods can be useful in decreasing an insatiable appetite over time. It’s easy to fall prey to the traps of emotional eating but once you are armed with the correct information you can make changes to start controlling your appetite. Planning ahead, meal prep, great sleep, drinking more water, and following scientific studies is a positive start.

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