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3 Eye-Catching Tips for Designing a Business Card

by Byrne Anderson
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Being a small business owner, you know the importance of having your contact information ready to hand over to potential customers. The most convenient way is by developing a business card so you can hand them out when needed.

The advantage of having a business card is that the shape and design of them allow individuals to store them in their wallets and access them when needed. In fact, for every 2,000 cards that are handed out, sales can increase by 2.5%.

If you are a business owner, keep reading to learn tips for designing a business card to help you stand out and attract new customers.

  1. Perfect the Call to Action (CTA)

A call to action is used by businesses to get the consumer to complete an action, such as visit the business website or social media page. If you’re wondering how to design a business card that will actually help your business attract new customers, the CTA is an excellent place to start.

The type of business you are in will determine how you can include a CTA on your business card. For example, if you own a software company, a good CTA would be to offer a free trial. It could go something like “visit {your_website} and claim your free trial now.”

  1. Make the Most of White Space

The portion of your business card that doesn’t have anything on it like text, visuals, or other information is referred to as the “white space.” The white space is an integral part of a business card design as it can help make the relevant information stand out.

Although it might be tempting, you don’t want to add too much to the business card and make it so that nothing pops out and it just looks like there are words or pictures all over. Use the white space effectively to surround the information you want to relay to the customer. Studies have shown that proper use of white space can increase comprehension by up to 20%.

Using the white space properly can help potential consumers remember information about the business, such as the name, telephone, or email.

  1. Try Something Different

One last thing on how to design a business card is to try something different and let your uniqueness shine through. If you are wondering how to create a business card design that can grab peoples attention, here are a few suggestions:

  • Include a QR code
  • Give it texture
  • Create a visual
  • Experiment with other fonts
  • Make it useful
  • Change the material

It’s crucial to differentiate yourself as a business owner, making things like small business packaging, business card design, and customer service essential factors that should be viewed as a high priority.

Things to Keep in Mind while Designing a Business Card for Your Company

The first thing you will want to think about while designing a business card is viewing the information from the customer’s point of view. Do you want to focus on contact information? Or are you promoting the brand? Then, you can decide how to grab their attention and get them to engage with the card.

For more information that can help you grow your business and engage consumers, navigate over to our blog!

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