Databases are tricky, even for the companies that make them. Assimilating and storing vast quantities of data requires databases with advanced functionality, unshakable reliability, and rock solid backup options. Because if you can’t trust your database… well, you’re in big trouble.

As one of the tech’s premier giants, Oracle is a leader in database solutions for businesses of all sizes. You can learn all it takes to assemble and manage across Oracle’s database family with the Certified Oracle Database Administrator Bundle. It’s on sale now at over 90 percent off its regular price — only $160 from TNW Deals with coupon code “Oracle20”.

Even if you’ve never tackled a database before — even if you’ve never coded before — this bundle of 7 courses will get you fully up to speed on running Oracle databases, the systems that run over 40 percent of the databases in American business.

After starting with a basic coding introductory course (Introduction to Programming and Coding for Everyone with JavaScript), you’ll turn your attention to databases with a pair of courses walking you through basic processes, programming, and implementation (Oracle 11g/12c: Introduction to SQL; Oracle 11g/12c: Advanced SQL).

Next, you’ll take on a pair of courses on using PL/SQL, Oracle’s proprietary database language (Oracle PL/SQL Programming Part 1; Oracle PL/SQL Programming Part 2). Finally, you’ll move to the grand finale, a double-shot of classes offering a full-scale introduction to using and administering databases with Oracle software (Oracle 12c: Database Administration, Part 1; Oracle 12c: Database Administration, Part 2).

By the time you’re finished, you’ll know all there is to know about the care and feeding of Oracle databases, which will make you an even more bankable commodity for companies looking for IT administration help. This instruction bundle usually costs over $3,300, so don’t miss out on this deal to land that training for $160 with the special coupon code “Oracle20”.





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