Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Last week we told you about Chipotle giving out $3 burritos on Halloween. Now, you can follow up that burrito lunch with a free Krispy Kreme dessert. (Who even needs candy to blow your caloric budget tomorrow!)

幸运 报告 that the retailer will be giving out a free doughnut to anyone who shows up in a costume at a participating Krispy Kreme location in the United States and Canada on Halloween. With the promotion, you can get any doughnut you want (even a fancy Halloween-themed creme-filled number) for free. So you’re not stuck waiting in line to just get an original glazed (even though they are delicious).

Image credit: Krispy Kreme

The offer is valid from open to close, and if you live somewhere where there are a ton of Krispy Kreme locations, you can hit each one if you want and take advantage of the giveaway multiple times. Who are we to judge?

Krispy Kreme’s Facebook event for the promotion says that the deal excludes grocery and convenience stores, and is not available at Krispy Kreme stores in Mobile or Foley AL, Jersey City NJ, Iowa, Louisiana, or Nebraska.




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