It only takes ten seconds.
It only takes ten seconds.
Image: uFunbrush


Getting kids excited about brushing their teeth can be a struggle. They completely overdo it on the toothpaste and often think that a quick scrub is enough. Spoiler alert: it’s not. Still, you don’t want your little ones to have a mouthful of cavities the next time you go to the dentist.

You may have seen these mouthguard-like electric toothbrushes that are supposed to brush all of your teeth at once. This Kickstarter的 project is the first to make one specifically for kids, who definitely need it the most. The whole point of the uFunbrush is to make tooth brushing quick, effective, and fun for kids (and adults.)

The mouthpiece is covered in silicone bristles that surround all of your child’s teeth at once. To brush with the uFunbrush you just fill the mouthpiece with toothpaste, have them pop it into their mouth, and press a button.

According to the Kickstarter page, sonic vibrations in the base cause the bristles to pulsate, brushing all of those teeth in ten seconds. Have your kid rinse out their mouth like they would a regular toothbrush and they’re good to go. That’s a total game changer when it comes to your kids’ morning and evening rituals.

According to the Kickstarter page, one AAA battery will power the uFunbrush for up to 600 brushes. That’s up to 10 months if they’re brushing twice a day (and they really, really should be.) Like with any toothbrush, you should be replacing the head every three to six months. Once it hits the market, uFunbrush will sell replacement heads in four different sizes and colors.

Image: uFunbrush

In addition to being quick and easy, the uFunbrush is trying to be actually fun. Each unit comes with a silly sticker, most of which depict a cartoon mouth. If the stretch goal of $75,000 is met, each uFunbrush will come with 12 stickers that your child can choose from. They’ll definitely find something to do with the remaining 11.

uFunbrush is currently being funded on Kickstarter的. They’ve met their goal of $30,000 and seem poised to meet that stretch goal. Right now, they’re almost sold out of the early bird reward of just one uFunbrush for $59, but you can pledge a little more to get two, four, five, or ten, depending on how big your family is.

You could also order two and gift the other one to a fellow stressed-out parent. Or just an adult you know that needs better oral hygiene.




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