Android: How often do you glance at your phone’s lock screen, skim through a list of notifications and dismiss them all without a second thought? If you’re like me, that’s pretty much every morning. And if you’re like me, you often regret doing it when you can’t find an important notification a few seconds later.

It’s a first world problem in need of a solution, and now it has one (on Android, anyway). Notification History Log is a new Android app that saves all your notifications locally on your device in one simple place.

How to Use Notification History Log

Once you’ve downloaded the app from the Google Play Store, open it and wait a few seconds as it configures to your phone. Notification History Log should work with any device running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher, which pretty much covers any phone you could currently be using.

When it’s ready, you’ll see the app’s home screen, which shows the device you’re using and which features it supports. The first is Notification History, Android’s very limited built-in notification log. Ignore that and click on Advanced History instead.

From the Advanced History tab you can look through all your recent notifications. There’s also a search feature for scanning through individual apps or looking for a message from a specific person. You can also specify how many notifications it should store at a time (from 15 up to 250), clear your notification history and set Advanced History as the app’s default landing page.

The app is free, but there’s also a Pro Version for $1.49 with some useful additional features, including the option to store unlimited notifications. It also adds the ability to swipe on a single notification to delete it or blacklist apps from showing up at all. Even better, it removes the ads from Notification History Log, which might be worth it if you’re constantly diving into the app to retrieve a notification you accidentally dismissed.




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