Mechanical keyboards are awesome, and they’ve had something of a renaissance in recent years as people realize their superiority to the flimsy membrane keyboards we’re used to.

But you know what’s even better than a mechanical keyboard? A really frikkin big mechanical keyboard, like the one Razer had at its ЭТИ booth.

The keyboard was fully functional, with a tactile click and realistic actuation. It even had full Chroma RGB lighting. Props to Razer for thoroughness.

RGB wasn’t on for this photo though.

Just imagine all the situations that would feel so much more satisfying with a giant keyboard the size of a small dining table:

  • Replying to infuriating commenters
  • Putting the finishing touches on your magnum opus
  • Playing QWOP
  • Manically refreshing a website.
  • CTRL+ALT+DELETE (although it would require some twister-like acrobatics)

Alas, no, you can’t buy one. It was probably prohibitively expensive just to make for the show floor. I have no idea where I’d actually put it. But I want one.




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