Среда, 13 декабря 2017
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Команда за одной из лучших игр 2016 года только что объявила о великолепном новом проекте


In the Valley of the GodsCampo Santo

  • In 2016, a game named “Firewatch” was a breakout hit.
  • On Thursday night, the team behind “Firewatch” revealed a new game named “In the Valley of Gods.”
  • It’s not planned for release until 2019.

A gorgeous new game was revealed on Thursday evening — it’s called “In the Valley of Gods,” and it’s the second project from the small team behind 2016’s breakout hit “Firewatch.”

The game follows two female explorers as they document a trip through ancient Egyptian tombs in the 1920s, “uncovering treasure and treachery in pursuit of a discovery that could bring you fame and fortune—or leave you for dead, buried beneath the sands.” Campo Santo, the developers, describe the game as a “first-person adventure.”

In the Valley of GodsCampo Santo

“In the Valley of Gods” isn’t a direct sequel to “Firewatch,” but it’s a bit of a spiritual successor. “‘In the Valley of Gods’ is in no way related to ‘Firewatch,’ but if you enjoy well-told and well-acted dynamic video game stories, or you just really liked ‘Firewatch,’ this game is for you,” the game’s FAQ says.

There’s no release date for “In the Valley of Gods” just yet, but it’s planned for launch at some point in 2019 on PC, Mac, and potentially various home game consoles — that’s still up in the air.

Check out the full trailer right here:




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