With many shoppers makingtheshift to e-commerce, it can be difficult to bring that luxury brick-and-mortar experience online. Online customers still need to feel that they are buying aluxury brand productwith allthebells and whistles that they are accustomed to when making a purchase in-store.

To find out how to improve this online experience, I asked a panel of entrepreneurs fromYECtheСледующий вопрос:

What’s one digital asset or strategy that all luxury e-commerce brands should implement to bridgetheexperience gap usually found in an upscale brick-and-mortar location?

Их лучшие ответы ниже:

1. Limited-Time Offers

Building out your digital storefront should also mean that you retaintheclearance section of your store and offer “exclusive” online deals. Whether it’s coupons, BOGOs or rebates, entice people withthesame promotions that you offer them in store, online. Of course, you can’t offerthesame personalized experience over a website, but you can still entice loyal customers withthesame deals. –Kristopher Jones,LSEO.com

2. Seamless Personalization

Buying from a luxury brand in an upscale brick-and-mortar location is a quiet, personal experience. I would like luxury e-commerce brands to render their mobile app/site based on my persona (choices and needs) built from my public information (social media), shopping history with a brand, etc. Onthesite/app, an AI-driven personal shopper should be able to push recommendations to me during my shopping journey. –Shilpi Sharma,Kvantum Inc.

3. Live Chat

Upscale brick-and-mortar locations are all about exceptional customer service. You can establishthesame type of experience on your e-commerce site by having a live chat option that follows customers aroundthesite. If they have a question at any time, they can simply chat you, similar tothebrick-and-mortar store experience. –Сайед Балхи,OptinMonster

4. Rich Editorial Content

Luxury products are only worththepremiums they charge because ofthestory behindthebrand. Investing in rich editorial content, especially high-end photography, allows luxury brands a means of highlighting this narrative and speaking tothecustomer in a deeper way than traditional “catalog commerce” might. –Ross Beyeler,Growth Spark

5. Video Content

Video content is growing more and more popular because it’s so highly effective, and live content is gaining more traction, as well. By using video, luxury retailers can bringthefeeling of an in-store experience to its customers wherever they may be, but it has to be done well and as professionally as possible since conveyingthe“luxury” feel is still key. –Beth Doane,Main & Rose

6. Personal Curation

Luxury brand brick-and-mortar service is personal, professional and focused on satisfying my needs. It’s hardдляe-commerce to replicate that experience. One way is to use human personal shoppers who communicate with customers.Thealternative is automated personal shopping with chatbots and machine learning. We’ll get there, but it’s still too much like shopping on a menu tree. –Vik Patel,Future Hosting

7. Augmented Reality

Luxury commerce brands must embrace augmented reality to bridgethegap between online and brick-and-mortar. This new tech allows customers to seetheproducts they want and put them into new environments. It engages customers and bridgesthegap between the in-store and online experience. –Dan Golden,BFO (Be Found Online)

8. Online Brand Protection

When you start selling your high-end products online, you riskthechance of someone reselling your brand at a lower price, making you less exclusive. This is something that can also reducethevalue of your luxury brand. This isthebest way to prevent your brand from being hijacked by online counterfeiters. –Патрик Барнхилл,Специалист ID, Inc.

9. Exclusivity

Establish a sense of exclusivity in your e-commerce store. As a luxury brand, your audience is accustomed to getting special treatment. Create private catalogs and promotions that can only be seen by invitation only. This will not only allow you to reward and cater to loyal customers, it will also encourage other customers to strive to reach that same level of status. –Дюран Inci,Optimum7

10. Same-Day Delivery

Luxury brands like have experimented with short delivery times in some markets. In London, New York, Tokyo and other major fashion hubs, customers can buy luxury products and have them deliveredin 90 minutes. A 90-minute delivery time won’t scale to more remote locations, butдляurban areas, it’s achievable and can bring a taste oftheimmediacy of luxury brick-and-mortar retail totheWeb, -Джастин Бланчард,ServerMania Inc.

11. Loyalty Rewards System

Many times, upscale brick-and-mortar stores will have a rewards system in place to motivate repeat buyers. One retailer that does this well both online and off is Sephora. E-commerce stores can build reward systems that allow customers to accumulate points and exchangeдляfree merchandise to encourage repeat business. –Джаред Ачисон,WPForms

12. Superior Return Policy

When purchasing from a luxury brand, a consumer expects a superior customer service experience. By providing a superior return policy, consumers will be much more willing to give your brand a shot without first seeing or tryingtheproduct in person. This might be a return policy longer thantheindustry standard, a hassle-free return process, or giving each customer a dedicated sales rep. –Bryan Kesler,CPA Exam Guide

13. True High-Quality Images

When buying luxury items, consumers want to experiencetheproduct. They are paying top dollar and will demand to know and understandtheproduct they are purchasing. Brick-and-mortar experiences are criticalдляhigh-end purchasesдляthis reason. In order to bring this experience online, you must maketheproducts’ features and quality obvious. An effective way to do it is with high-quality images. –Диего Орхуэла,Кабели и датчики

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