Why record the growth of your newborn child the normal way when you could do it with your favorite food?

Twitter user Brad Williams is getting a lot of notoriety for measuring his son in Philly cheesesteaks every month for the first year of his life.

It’s not only cute, but also ensured that he got a Philly cheesesteak once a month for a year. Sounds like a win-win.

영상: strangework.com

The pictures turned out adorably.

영상: strangework.com

I wouldn’t advise doing the same with your favorite food, however, especially if your favorite food is ribs like me.

영상: strangework.com

At first his son doesn’t seem to notice. But Williams said he, “was quickly growing a dislike for cheesesteaks.”

After Williams tried to photograph him with the sandwich again for his second birthday, he, “wasn’t having it.” All photos can be found on his 블로그 and they are cute.

In the meanwhile, Williams says he hopes he hasn’t, “scarred the kid for life.” Us too, Brad.


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