The phrase “the gift that keeps on giving” gets tossed around much too liberally these days, in our opinion. Especially because it so perfectly describes one very specific type of present: the Advent calendar. What could be more jolly and festive than a gift that, within it, contains at least a dozen sub-gifts, to be opened one by one every day? Whether or not you adhere to the religious significance of the days-until-Christmas countdown, there’s been an undeniable boom in the Advent calendar market in recent years, whether your preferences lean towards beauty products, candy, toys, or high-end alcohol. Why not take advantage?

Charbonnel Et Walker Advent Calendar

The classic iteration of the Advent calendar is filled with chocolate, and there are plenty of options to choose from. In fact, you could go to the drugstore right now and pick up several options offering flavorless-but-festively-packaged mass market chocolate. For something a little more elevated, why not opt for a delicately packaged chocolate and truffle assortment from an iconic London chocolate house? Perfect for the fancy-yet-impossible-to-shop for person on your list.

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L’Occitane Moments Calendar

For the Lotion Lover in your life (what? don’t make that weird!), French brand L’Occitane still turns out some of the most coveted, luxurious soaps, oils, and assorted emollients on the market. Their calendar comes packed with a mix of soaps, lotions, shower gels, shampoos, and balms. For anyone who eagerly awaits their Birchbox or Sephora Play subscription each month, this one’s a slam dunk.

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Dog Advent Calendar

As if you were going to make it through the holiday season without doing something at least mildly extravagant for your beloved pet? Please. No guarantees that your faithful friend will show restraint and eat just one milk bone per day, but hey, you can cut him some slack on Christmas decorum. He’s a dog, after all.

Ciaté London Nail Polish Set

Another one for the sample-addicted gift-ee, Ciaté’s Mini Mani Month nail polish set comes with 19 samples one one full-sized polish, the better to experiment with new shades through holiday party season and the new year (and also, to quietly re-gift the options you don’t love as stocking stuffers).

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Lego Friends Advent Calendar

Lego has always dominated the market when it comes to entertaining holiday sets, and their Advent calendar offerings don’t disappoint. They’ve got plenty of options to choose from, but we’re partial to this snow-day scene, where each new spot on the calendar opens up new characters, animals, and accessories to add into the mix.

Jo Malone Advent Calendar

One last, admittedly extravagant option comes courtesy of U.K. fragrance mogul Jo Malone: their coveted annual Advent calendar, which is stocked with sample sizes of colognes, candles, and other goodies that will make their recipient’s home smell like a very high-end spa.

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