No more Mickey Mouse cards.
No more Mickey Mouse cards.
Image: CUCU

그냥 당신이 여기에 기능을 갖춘 뭔가를 구입하는 경우, 매 셔블은 제휴 수수료를받을 수도 알려합니다.

If millennials are known for one thing (besides killing various industries) it’s expressing themselves. Whether it’s via Bitmoji, weird eyebrow trends, or embracing witchcraft, the selfie generation is all about those carefully curated #vibes.

Most of the things we use everyday can been heavily customized — there’s an entire industry around weird phone cases. When it comes to credit cards, something we use almost every day, it’s an entirely different story.

Unless you’re one of the lucky few with a Black Card, the contents of your wallet aren’t very instagrammable (disclaimer: please do not post your credit card number on Instagram, no matter how cute you make it.) 이 Kickstarter를 프로젝트 wants you to be able to treat your credit card like your phone or computer, with personalized covers that you can change whenever you get bored of them.

CUCU makes temporary covers for your credit card that are (apparently) easy to apply, peel off, and replace. It’s way easier and more fun than having to choose from the bank’s limited selection of customizable cards that are expensive, lame, and permanent. The art on the covers is quirky and cool, and with more than 300 designs you’re sure to find something you like every time.

As an added feel-good bonus, CUCU has partnered with SKETCH, a Toronto-based organization that mentors young, homeless, or otherwise marginalized artists, and are asking backers to recommend organizations in other cities that they can partner with as well. They’ve created a collection of covers with SKETCH artists, with all proceeds from that collection going back to the organization where it’s distributed to the artists.

If you’re wondering if it will fit your card, if it will will get caught in a machine, or if it will cover essential information, of course they’ve thought about that too. According to the creators, the material will work with any payment machine and you can choose your card size at checkout to make sure it will fit perfectly without hindering its use. The Kickstarter를 runs until October 1, so there’s still time to grab one (or 10, or 200) before the campaign closes.


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