This isn't your childhood scooter.
This isn't your childhood scooter.
Image: Immotor

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Remember riding around your neighborhood on your Razor scooter? Yeah, this isn’t that.

le Immotor GO is an “intelligent, portable, foldable, luxury electric scooter.” That’s a lot of adjectives so let’s just say it’s the most souped up scooter we’ve ever seen. When in “ride” mode it has a max speed of 16 mph with a range of up to 16 miles (so you can ride it for an hour if you’re going at max speed the whole time.) You can also use the “power assist” function to haul your stuff while you walk beside it in cruise control.

Commute in style.

Commute in style.

Image: immotor

You can fold up your GO when you need to bring it inside and roll it like a suitcase in “stand-by” mode. It also comes with a protective carrying sleeve with straps if you need to totally pack it up.

Immotor’s “super batteries” are recharged in 2.5 hours and are TSA compliant so you really can take it virtually anywhere. When you’re not riding your scooter, you can still use the integrated USB port to charge your devices — perfect for waiting at the airport.

Every device seems to be labelled “smart” these days, which just means it has an app. The Immotor smartphone app actually has some pretty cool features. With the app, your phone acts as a digital key so that only you can use the scooter. You can also use the app to share your GO with friends and manage their permissions.

The Immotor app uses GPS to track and log all of your trips, and you can even set a virtual fence that will disable the scooter once it leaves that area. If someone tries to move your GO without permission the app will notify you right away so you can go stop them. If they someone does end up running off with it, the GPS tracker can tell you where it is. (It’s also useful if you forgot where you parked it.)

The GO comes with a handsfree phone mount that’s right next to the USB charger so you have easy access to your phone. Just please don’t text and drive, even on a scooter. As a fun bonus, there’s a button on GO’s control panel that will take a picture with your smartphone camera and save it to the app.

In addition to all this digital functionality, it seems like Immotor has the hardware to back it up. The wheels have an adaptive suspension and electronic brake system for a safe and comfortable ride. Automatic headlights are controllable from both the app and the scooter itself. Riders from four feet to six and a half feet tall can use the telescoping stem to choose a height that works for them and a bag hook provides a convenient place to store your belongings while you ride.

There’s reportedly no learning curve for the Immotor GO, since the scooter has three wheels — unlike the scooters of your childhood. Just hop on and go.

At $1,499 the Immotor GO is definitely an investment, but with the potential to revolutionize your commute it may be worth it. Mashable got to try out the Immotor GO earlier this summer and found a few kinks — namely an inability to reverse and difficulty with hard turns — but as city dwellers we still see the appeal of a luxury scooter. a2a7 a2f8%2fthumb%2f00001

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You can buy your own Immotor GO on Amazone now and start planning your commute while you wait for it to arrive. If crowded public transportation and long walks home are the bane of your workday, this will be a worthy investment.




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