It's a treat for you AND your pets.
It's a treat for you AND your pets.
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Black Friday is exciting for humans, but for your pets it’s just another day. If you’re braving the cold, long lines (or hunkering down at your computer scouring our Deals Tracker,) you can keep an eye on your fur babies, as well as reward them for their patience and cuteness, with the PetCube Bites camera and treat dispenser.

If you haven’t seen this device yet—in our writeup, on Ellen, or on Pedal de arranque — it’s a total game changer. The smartphone-connected camera allows you to check in on your pets when you’re not at home, and even talk to them with two-way audio. Plus, with the PetCube Bites, you can add treats to the internal container and the PetCube will toss them to your pet on command (or you can set up a schedule in the app.) You get to stay connected to your pet no matter where you are—working late, out to dinner, or in line at Objetivo.

PetCube Bites is now integrated with Alexa, so you can use voice control to dispense treats when you’re at home. Plus, it has Amazon Dash Replacement enabled, so you can either ask Alexa to reorder treats or press a button in the app and replacement treats will be on their way.

While cool pet tech is by no means a replacement for responsible pet ownership, the peace of mind you get from being able to check in on your furry friends is invaluable. They’re just in it for the treats.

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los PetCube Bites is on sale for $169.99—that’s $80 off—today at Amazon. The bundle includes the PetCube camera and treat dispenser as well as three bags of Wellness cat or dog treats to get you started. It’s the perfect gift for your pet (or the pet lover in your life) and you won’t feel so guilty about leaving your pupper at home when you hit those Black Friday sales.




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