Unless I absolutely have to (read: I’m flying with booze), I always do whatever I can to not have to check a bag when I travel. Besides the fees associated with handing your bag over, the worst part of the whole experience, in my opinion, is having to wait after a long flight for your suitcase to come around the carousel. That wait is typically full of regret for me about buying that bottle of whiskey in the first place and delaying my trip home by 20 minutes.

T+L’s second suggestion is a little more interesting and involves checking your bag like normal, but asking for it to be labeled as fragile. T+L says that fragile bags are loaded onto the plane last, which means your bags should come off first.

Even better, this trick should work even if you have a connection and are switching planes, and that fragile sticker is free.

Another less-easy way to get your suitcase first: gain status in an airline’s frequent flyer program or purchase a First or Business Class ticket, VIP’s bags are often given priority consideration and will come off the carousel before bags belonging to people who flew economy class or that don’t have status with the airline.

And as T+L notes, every airline and airport is different, so these tricks might not work all the time, but they’re certainly worth a shot.




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