¿Por qué tantos cantantes tienen hemorragias en la garganta como Shakira?

Colombian singer Shakira was to have started yesterday in Amsterdam their new European tour, but has been forced to withdraw due to suffering from a hemorrhage in the vocal cords. Anyone can suffer, but it is a condition that particularly affects those who use voice as a working tool: singers, actors, theater, radio announcers ...

Las llamadas cuerdas vocales son cuatro pliegues o labios membranosos situados en el aparato fonador, y que son responsables de nuestra voz. Tal y como explican los especialistas, forzarla de manera prolongada puede acabar provocando la aparición de pequeñas varicosidades o varices en las cuerdas. Y la hemorragia se produce como consecuencia de la rotura de uno de los vasos afectados, haciendo que la sangre se acumule en la mucosa bucal.

According to doctors who treat problems of the larynx, vocal although efforts are the main cause of this disease, there are other factors that can contribute to this. It seems that women are especially sensitive to suffer in premenstrual days, and also the consumption of some drugs may precipitate their appearance.

There are also cases in which the affected person is not aware that this syndrome suffers because the diaphragm rupture the vessel does not occur, and the patient does not notice the taste of blood in his throat. Meanwhile, the vessel is deformed by the accumulation of blood, affecting the ability of the vocal cords to vibrate.

Typically, heal voice steeping for at least a month, although in some severe cases the patient has to undergo surgery. Experts say that this type of ailment has become more common now, because the singers accumulate during their tours more concerts a shorter period of time.


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