Este jueves será declarado día no laborable si el Perú clasifica al Mundial de Rusia 2018.
Thursday will be declared non-working day if Peru classifies Russia World 2018. | Source: Andina

Such as He had advance President Pedro Pablo KuczynskiThe Ministry of Labor confirmed that this Thursday, November 16 will be declared non-working day if Peru achieved a positive result against New Zealand on Wednesday and achieves its World Cup qualifying 2018 Russia.

Through a statement posted on Twitter, the ministry stressed that this non-working day will be mandatory for the public sector, but optional for companies in the private sector, and that the hours left of labor for the celebration of classification shall be recovered in other dates.

In advance. The laboralista Germán Lora said that private employers must notify workers in advance if they will give or not rest, because the match result will be known on Wednesday past 10 at night.

"The private employer can very easily decide that workers continue toiling and not a non-working day, but may also decide, and already should be watching what they will do, that day is not working with compensable character," he said RPP Noticias.

El día no laborable sería obligatorio para el sector público pero opcional para las empresas privadas.
The non-working day would be mandatory but optional for the public sector to private companies. | Source: Andina

Less hours. Another possibility is that private companies decide to comply with the measure in part, by delaying the time of admission of its employees on Thursday or cutting working hours, so that they can celebrate an eventual Peruvian classification to a world after more than 35 years.

"It is not necessary that the private sector lose a full day of work, could, based on the guideline faculty, give a tolerance, because if I go at 8 in the morning can say that I enter at 10, or can say gentlemen come after lunch ", said Lora.

The labor ministry said that if non-working day is declared, the recovery of hours not worked on Thursday will be scheduled in a reasonable manner and should not affect the mandatory weekly rest of workers.


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