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Northeast Brazil is characterized not only by its resorts and pristine beaches, but the winds that make the area a perfect place to harness wind energy.

Serra Branca is a region that can provide a greater amount of wind power than any other area of ​​the world. Recently that the French energy company Votalia won the contract to build wind turbines there, according account Vanessa deZem, Bloomberg columnist.

The company intends to implement activities in Brazil considering how important the renewable energy market in the region. According to data from the 2016 Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC, for its acronym in English), the country took advantage of almost 11 gigawatts of energy generated by wind turbines, occupying the fifth place among the world wind energy markets.

2026, the country aims to increase the figure to 19 gigawatts.

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A strong wind changes direction rarely makes the state of Rio Grande do Nortein which the municipality of Serra Branca isis a more suitable for large amounts of wind energy state.

Currently in Brazil there are two wind farms Votalia that appear on the list of five most effective parks. It is noteworthy that the more wind turbines appear, it will be cheaper the cost of electricity.

Currently the economic situation in Brazil is improving and electricity consumption is increasing. Therefore, interest in the construction of new wind farms is growing, concludes the journalist.


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