After reviewing all the items of evidence submitted by the prosecutor, the judge, Miguel Jurado, "judgment calls the vice president and other 12 defendants as perpetrators in the crime of conspiracy in #CasoOdebrecht" says a note from the State Attorney General Ecuador disclosed his Twitter.

Prosecutors had asked last week in a letter to the judge Jury of the National Court to issue an order to commence proceedings against Glas and twelve other defendants, including also included his uncle Ricardo Rivera and excontralor, fugitive from justice, for allegedly committing the same offense.

Glas is on remand in prison No. 4 in Quito since last October 2 and is the highest-ranking politician who will sit in the dock punctuated by the corruption scandal plot Odebrecht.

The vice president, who was elected in the runoff election last April and to which they were removed from office in August because of disagreements with the president of the Republic, Lenín Moreno, He has always maintained his innocence and blamed his situation to a political and media persecution.

On Wednesday, the beginning of the preparatory instance trial, the prosecution dismissed charges against five defendants, four Brazilians among them, Jose Conceicao Santos, former director of Odebrecht in Ecuador and Ecuador.

The plot concerns alleged corruption of five works awarded to Brazilian construction company, one of the largest contractors in Latin America, by the government of former President Rafael Correa. In this context, Glas, as head of Strategic Sectors between 2010 and 2016, would have benefited from 13.5 million dollars in bribes paid between 2012 and 2016, local media reported, although the vice president functionless, has always denied any involvement .

The judge found that certain actions are constitutive of the crime Glas conspiracy author degree, considering that as a minister and vice president had his uncle as an intermediary to arrange payments between 1 and 1.3 percent of the amount of contracts was linked to five projects, he reported the online edition of the newspaper "Expreso".

Functionless vice president advanced the weekend that would channel their messages through the social network Twitter while you are in custody. "This account will be used to tell the truth about the case of @JorgeGlas, to post messages send us the Constitutional Vice President while #Injustamente is deprived of his liberty", announced Sunday a message on the Glas Twitter account.

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