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The story of the serial killer who narrated books for the blind

The story of serial murderer who narrated books for the visually impaired

The story of Edmund Kemper was rekindled with the release of Mindhunter in Neflix. This series that has attracted considerable attention for being first by director David Fincher, as well as Cold criminal radiography which achieved over the ten episodes that make up the first season.

It tells the story of two FBI agents conducting a psychological investigation of the most bloodthirsty and dangerous in order to shape their clinical profiles criminals account. The plot is located in the seventies and is based on the true story of Mark Olshaker and John E. Douglas, Authors of the book Mind Hunter: Inside FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. Also providing academic, Ann Wolbert Burgess Dr., played by Anna Torv in this original series Netflix.

Criminals who are interviewed in the series are obviously based on reality. As Dennis Rader (BTK Killer aka) I played in the series by Sonny Valicenti or Jerry Brudos played by Happy Anderson. The first of the murderers visit the main characters in the series is Edmund Emil Kemper III, known as Ed Kemper and dubbed "The Co-Ed Killer" (The murderer of schoolgirls)Who he was sentenced to life imprisonment on eight counts of murder. Crimes committed during the seventies and who remains in prison in Vacaville State Prison.

Edmund Kemper killed his grandparents at age 15, at the time he was held in a psychiatric hospital where he remained until 20. Later commit the murders for which he was convicted, one of them was his mother who had a toxic relationship and problematic.

In real life Ed Kemper has devoted part of his sentence, as well as being interviewed by the authors of the book mentioned, to give another kind of interviews and to participate in a program for the blind named Volunteers of Vacaville’s Blind ProjectWhere several activities like fixing typewriters braille transcriptions in this language books and audiobooks making were developed. The scope of the program benefited various communities of blind people throughout the United States.

Ed Kemper turned out to be an active member and prolific volunteer program. It is said that what He has recorded at least about 5,000 hours of audio in which narrates several books. At sitio web de Volunteers of Vacaville (On file because it is currently off) you can see a part of the catalog of books narrated by Edmund Kemper. such famous titles as Dune Frank Herbert or the novelization of the first trilogy Star Wars. On the same site it indicated that the program was successful volunteer activities.

In a article Los Angeles Times 1987 may be the testimony of a blind couple who went directly to the prison to give thanks to the volunteers of the program. Kemper then had 38 years and was active in the program, he said the visit of the couple:

His visit here is very special for us. We received letters of thanks from people, but never go to prison to meet us.

He continues to aim the success of that program:

I can not express what this means to me, being able to do something constructive for someone else, be appreciated by many people, the good feeling I get after what I've done.

With this startling statement it remains to submit a piece of work he did Ed Kemper in the program. In this case the title "Flowers in the Attic" the author Alisa Shavrina, written by V. C. Andrews novel published in 1979. It is the first book in the series "Dollanganger".


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