Bankia's new platform

Bankia's new platform

The bank launches, in collaboration with specialized firms, Solves Enterprise, a web of digital tools

In the digital era, banks can compete on their own with the fintech or seek partnerships to enhance their service offerings. clear example of an open innovation strategy is solves Companies, An online platform created by Bankia in partnership with specialized firms, including including a startup Accelerated by the same entity.

Como si se tratara de una caja de herramientas, la web contiene una serie de aplicaciones concebidas para ayudar a los negocios en su día a día, sean o no clientes del banco. El programa se lanzó este mes con nueve instrumentos, todos ellos gratuitos, a los que posteriormente se irán añadiendo nuevos servicios.

The tools are presented divided into three blocks according to their purpose: sell more, manage risks and get resources. The first group are part Índicex, an application developed by the same entity that measures the level of digital competitiveness of enterprises and exports, which provides information on countries or sectors in which the company may have more business opportunities. Exports has been created with the support of Exportory, startup which it has passed through the acceleration of the bank.

For the second group of tools, Bankia had the collaboration of Forética association and S2 firm Cyber ​​Defense Group. Thus arose Responsible managementWhich provides a self-assessment on aspects of corporate social responsibility, and Secur @ IndexWhich makes a quick diagnosis of the level of cybersecurity companies. The credit insurance firm helped design Solunion other four applications: country index shows the creditworthiness of countries, Sector Index measures the risk of the sectors in which each company operates, credit index It provides a report of credit risk rating, sector and country of a group of companies, allowing the user signature measure the risk of its customers, while Recovers reports probabilities and costs to collect an unpaid bill anywhere in the world.

To access the services only needs identified by the CIF of the company and an email

Zabala Innovation Consulting consultant involved in the development of the only tool that helps moment resourcing, Inveinte, Which advises on official public subsidies. To access these services only needs identified by the CIF of the company and email.

"The new platform is designed for all kinds of businesses, but because of their size, are small which can most benefit," says Mauro Fernández, director of Software and Services Companies Bankia. At the end of the third quarter, new bank loans to SMEs increased by 22% yoy.


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