PRI leadership ensures that win elections in 2018

15/11/2017 02:17
Ochoa Reza stressed that the challenge for the PRI's hold together. Photo: Courtesy.

Ochoa Reza stressed that the challenge for the PRI's hold together. Photo: Courtesy.

During the swearing Arcega Isidro Moreno, president of the Ala Progressive National Policy Association, as well as state, municipal and borough leaders of that body, the national leader of the PRI, Enrique Ochoa Reza, He said that emanated governments of other political parties have generated satiety y anger, So people are turning to see his party.

He also assured that political opponents are divided, noting that in the Partido Revolucionario Institucional They are united, strong and already ready to win elections they will be held in 2018 In our country.

"Political opponents are divided. Betrayals betrayals in them is crumbling front in his hands. We are united, strong and ready to win " Ochoa said Reza.

The tricolor leader argued that PRI will build the victoria taking into account all the voices and listening, ensuring also other political parties They are away from middle and lower classesWhile the PRI embraces its causes, because he wants to Mexicans do better and that opportunities reach everyone equally.

"We can not accept authoritarian populism in Mexico, proposing a tropical bird of prey. The Morena want a Bolivarian revolution in Mexico, making Mexico Venezuela. Not let them to allow " he said.

In this regard, Ochoa Reza stressed that the challenge for the FROM It is to stay united, respecting plurality of opinions and adding talent, work and determination of their militantsAlthough he also stressed that the fact of having different ways of thinking strengthens the political institution.

"This is the time of the call to participation and unity. Progressive wing and the PRI will compete in all positions to win, because we're all " He ended.


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