Resaldo a Madrid
Rafael Schvartzman, regional vice president for Europe.

The IATA airline alliance turns Madrid into a world center of aviation

The association chooses the Spanish capital to install its global operations center

The office will manage 150,000 million in airline tickets and relationships with travel agencies and cargo

The International Air Transport Association (IATA, for its acronym in English) has decided Madrid implant in its largest hub, Making the Spanish capital into a global center for aviation. The group representing 280 airlines (83% of world traffic) will boost the Spanish office with 330 employees of 60 different nationalities.

From here they managed the air operations 280 airlines as part of IATA and 50,000 travel agencies and freight forwarders of America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia. Thus, it is estimated that the Madrid headquarters manages about 300 million airline tickets a year.

The alliance estimates the Madrid headquarters will manage about 300 million airline tickets a year.

The Spanish capital has been selected by Singapore, Montreal and Beijing, Harnessing the weight of Spain as a "hub of international air transport", he stressed the IATA. The decision was based, among other parameters, in high efficiency levels of the current headquarters. IATA believes that Madrid is "an example of a multicultural city, open, dynamic, cosmopolitan and with great ability to attract diverse and highly qualified talent." They have also weighed communications from the capital.

The association already has experts in Madrid airports, cargo, aviation safety, flight operations and finance, among other subjects. This city and it was selected in 2008 to house the Regional Office for Europe, And having 260 workers from 58 countries. From the new designation, the Madrid headquarters receive more than 330 people at the end of 2018, which is double the workforce in two years.

IATA believes that Madrid is "an example of multicultural city, open, dynamic, cosmopolitan and with great ability to attract talent"

"Spain and Madrid have made from the beginning ideal for implementing our organization place, providing access to local and international talent and the right conditions to support the development of competitiveness in global aviation," said regional vice president of IATA for Europe, Rafael Schvartzman.


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