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The Cube: IoT university and full-time Uber landlords

The Cube: University of IoT and Uber home full time

Everything began just over 20 years ago, at a time in Spain that the Chinese story sounded software. Or at least a story that did not go with the theme: the brick.

Carlos Alberto Rodríguez founded Picazo and Nexium, a company dedicated to something that at this time is taken for granted: improve efficiency when placing products on the shelves of stores. What position, what products, what promotions ... manual process to date, but that was introduced software factor. Problem: "the system said what he had to do, but customers ended up doing what they pleased," Carlos explains. And, despite everything, the company managed to reach more than 100 employees, among whom was Fabiola Pérez. The idea of ​​giving a technological vision processes in which the software had not yet been leaning was key to success a market niche exploited only by a select group of companies around the world. And as one market to another it is only a step and everything is interconnected, linear in stores was passed to the image recognition to apply to stores sector. Here came the fourth protagonist of the story: Diego García.

The team created several image recognition patents that were available in 30 countries and managed by four offices. A point was reaching the fifth in New York when competitors began to be afraid of growing turnover and a large volume of business that stretched across Europe and Latin America. The solution was easy: buy the enemy before it was too big. the multinational Nielsen It acquired the software company in 2014 giving settle the first entrepreneurial project that would be the beginning of a number of companies.

At startup startups para montar

Also known as builders company. This was the second goal of the team of Fabiola, Alberto, Carlos and Diego.

It is not entirely clear what the amount of the sale of Nexium, but it was enough to mount to 25% each project known as Unlimiteck with funding of almost 12 million euros. "For us it is like a cooperative working with very different profiles and very different to try raising projects that can succeed and pull ideas. Always based on three pillars on which we have experience: IA, Computer Vision and IoT, "Fabiola said.

In other words, it's like an incubator for ideas the team itself. The first of them: Metiora. Created by Fabiola business center was dedicated, and it continues to integrate the Internet of Things to the daily lives of companies. But in this process there it emerged a significant problem, by contrast, also implied a new business opportunity for the company companies. "We realized we were missing professionals in the IoT and I would get a very large demand. That's when we considered the possibility of creating an institute of IoT, and the second company Unlimiteck is Mioti emerged, "Carlos explains.

Be the first to educating professionals IoT would mean that, in a few years, the starting point would be precisely Mioti all.

A house and a first tenant: Uber

With the seed to create a sort of university for the IoT the question of the location began to gain importance. Not only was managing a company that, at the dates we are, can be done from anywhere. Now classrooms, laboratories, meeting places ... a lot of space needed. With about 2,000 square meters would suffice.

With a real estate market that is reaching impossible rent prices, the idea of ​​building or buying more and grew stronger. A beautiful building in San Blas, near several technology companies in what is known as Silicon Alley, was the place chosen. The only issue was that with 4,500 meters, divided into 5 floors, the space left over for all corners. Again, a problem comes a solution. The third company Unlimiteck mission would exploit the newly acquired pretty complex. Modeled WeWork or Spaces, the coworking businesses most popular of the moment, would be available to the IoT startups a place to work and create ecosystem. To achieve this it was necessary to start calling doors: no no possible ecosystem partners, much less funds to support the weight of a building of this size.

The CubeThat so it was called the new space, already had a CEO responsible for initiating contacts: Javier Esteban. Coincidentally Uber knew people in Spain, so without thinking twice went to present the project. Uber is not only partner more than himself, So that it no longer was ahead. However, yes it saw an opportunity:

"We teach and they loved it, but they said they did not want to be partners. We just said they wanted to take away a problem that was to take an entire floor because they were looking office. Basically because if they are partners was very small. "

Uber in Spain from a few years ago, but with serious operations almost two ago, I had a serious problem in the Spanish capital. It did not have any own space where you start placing an ever-growing team. On the one hand by the reluctance of the early years to have a fixed location to the tremendous volatility of its inception and, secondly, because nothing resembling their beautiful offices of Silicon Valley.

Thus, without wanting it, the arrival of Uber to The Cube was a relief in the accounts of Unlimiteck because it meant the arrival of a fixed monthly check and, indirectly, marketing that could not have rival. And though it seems crazy, negotiate with Uber was not so complicated, explains Alberto, "the reality is that negotiating with the part of Spain and Europe was easy, but then we have corporates with it is not so simple; They have many security measures and the building must meet specific conditions that have made us raise the level. "

After Uber itself did those coveted partners: Vodafone trying to overtake his Spanish counterpart, Cisco, IBM ...

Bottomless no ecosystem

University had IoT, partners that could create synergies, startups would soon arrive ... but lacked the funds. Without investing in Spain vertical for IoT shaped VC fund, the only ones who venture are some investors in a personal capacity. And as has been happening since the beginning of this story, if there is something the only viable option is to create it. Unlimiteck created his own background, with about 5.3 million investment from a group of 60 participants (Providing themselves most), so that the startups that were generated in its ecosystem would not have to raise money outside its walls. Formed by friends, employers and away to the focus of most media entrepreneurs venture light years, they put the icing on a number of pillars.

There were only startups. Two few months of life are in the moment selection stage startups. Old-fashioned everything is done based interview. "Javier makes a first filter and then we pass it to us. Here are two key issues: You know them personally and know what to do. You cant go wrong, yes, but it can always happen. Our idea is I can bring something to the ecosystem, although their idea to go to hell. Do not have to necessarily go all right, but surely there will come something else, "Alberto said. And this story, adds Fabiola, the issue of trust in companies adds.

A sindiós ecosystem

La primera pregunta que se puede venir a la mente es qué es el IoT o el Internet de las Cosas. Lo cierto es que dentro de su amalgama de temas “todo gira alrededor del concepto de qué pasaría si se empezasen a conectar cosas a la red y qué podríamos obtener de ello”, argumenta Diego. Aunque, añade, desde el punto de vista de la tecnología tampoco existe un consenso”. Y esto es bueno porque permite mucho campo de trabajo, pero con la perspectiva negativa de que en algún momento habrá que llevarlo a algo concreto.

That connection "stuff" problems begin to emerge. Connectivity, data management, security ... a series of vertical, above all, generate opportunities should explore ways of reaching the public. And for the first time in history, the great representatives of technology will have to work togetherFabiola says. Given the immensity of topics it is impossible to cover everything, so that the crossings will have to be more than necessary. Maybe those individualisms marketing dresses shirt Zuckerberg to stay aside.


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