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10 January, Wednesday, 2018

Racist attack in Dresden: Dog rushed to asylum seeker

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In Dresden there is a brutal racist attack: where a dog is rushed to an Ethiopian asylum seeker. The 19-year-old is injured. It was only a passerby can stop the attack.

In an apparently racially motivated attack by unknown persons rushed in the Saxon capital of Dresden a dog on a woman seeking asylum. The 19-year-old Ethiopian was initially insulted out of a group, police said on Tuesday at a tram stop in the Gorbitz district. The group also have a dog keeper is one who has finally abgeleint their pet and let loose on the young woman, the state police said.

When the young woman tried to escape, the dog had they attacked from behind and thrown to the ground. When trying to fend off the animal that she had been bitten. It was not until a passerby had brought the dog keeper to recall the animal.

The Ethiopian reportedly suffered slight addition to bite wounds and shock. The investigation took over the new Police terrorism and extremism Defense Center (PTAZ). It is now looking for witnesses.

Landeswissenschaftsministerin Eva-Maria Stange zeigte sich entsetzt von der Tat. "Einen Hund auf eine 19-jährige Frau zu hetzen und dabei zuzusehen, wie dieser sie verletzt, ist ein abscheuliches Maß an Brutalität, das ich scharf verurteile", so die SPD-Politikerin.

Source: n-tv.de

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