The change aims to address the problem early with diet and exercise rather than medication.

For the first time in 14 years National Association Cardiology and the National College of Cardiology of the U.S They changed the definition of high pressure: A measurement above 130/80 longer it considered dangerous, an adjustment of traditional measurement higher than 140/90.

Consequently, if before 32% of the population suffering from hypertension, the new parameters make 46% of people in that country are threatened by what is called the "silent enemy". The adjusted criteria also eliminates the category of prehypertension, Which was located between 120 and 139 systolic (when the heart contracts and blood flows through the arteries) and diastolic 80 and 89 (when the heart relaxes).

Measurement above 130/80 is considered hypertension. (Istock)

Robert M. Carey, one of the directors of the group scientists who presented the new definition, he explained: "We admit that blood pressure than in the past thought it was normal or pre-hypertensive actually put patients at significant risk of coronary heart disease, Death or disability. " The risk, he insisted, has not changed: "What changed is our recognition of the danger."

Most of the research that supports the change comes from a large-scale study (9,000 people), whose first results were presented in 2015 and put into question what was certain about handling pressure problems.

"The study proved that reducing pressure to less than 120, 140 against the recommended value or 150, may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke", synthesized The Washington Post.

Hypertension is a silent disease and is among the leading causes of death. (Istock)

Not because there are more people than the maximum values ​​will be recommended more anti-hypertensive medication, Doctors cleared. Hope, on the contrary, to be able to diagnose the problem in the beginning it can be treated with changes in lifestyle: Diet, exercise, reducing alcohol consumption and sodium. That will be the first line of treatment, they said.

The updated criteria establish new categories for understanding the pressure: high, hypertension grade 1 and grade 2 and hypertensive crisis. The normal average is still 120/80.

Coronary heart disease is one of the most dangerous consequences of hypertension. (IStock)

High pressure is one of the leading causes of death worldwideAnd the second of preventable death in the United States behind smoking. Although no symptoms, hypertension cause coronary disease, strokes and kidney diseaseAmong the most common consequences. Genetics, age, gender, diet, exercise and stress are contributing factors.


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