A judge in Virginia he charged Tuesday the first of 10 defendants for participating in the torture and murder of Damaris A. Reyes Rivas, a 15-year-old last January. Wilmer A. Sanchez Serrano, 22, and other members of the MS-13 band recorded up to four videos with a mobile phone while knifed and finished off the girl with a wooden stick just outside Washington, in the State of Virginia .

Antes de tomar su decisión, el juez mostró las grabaciones. La madre de Damaris, María Reyes, estaba en la sala. En las imágenes, la joven aparece con una camiseta negra y pantalones vaqueros blanquecinos, andando por un bosque al que le llevaron los pandilleros para increprarla por la muerte, una semana antes, de Christian Sosa Rivas, otro miembro de MS-13. Consideraban que Damaris, que había mantenido relaciones con Sosa Rivas, había colaborado su muerte. Querían revancha.

The tragedy began mid-afternoon on Jan. 8. Pressured by the attackers, an acquaintance of Damaris picked drive, lying about where they were going. Arriving at Lake Park Accontik, 45 minutes from Washington, the group of criminals began to question her about the death of Sosa Rivas.

They threatened to cut off a finger. He said they had a rifle. They shouted. She was accused of participating in the lynching of Sosa Rivas. They despite the frigid temperatures, forced to strip naked in the snow to feel "cold he felt Sosa Rivas". And finally, as the testimonies of the principal investigator, Rivas Sosa's girlfriend, Venus Romero Iraheta, 17, stabbed her 13 times. He also used the knife to remove a tattoo. "I'll see you in hell," he told the quinceañera seconds earlier.

The judge has not yet made a decision regarding the sentence for Sanchez Serrano, who He pierced his neck with a stick Damaris. Iraheta will be tried as an adult despite being underage. Three of the defendants have pleaded guilty to the charges.

Violent incidents respond to the strong presence around the capital the band of Latin American origin that President Donald Trump has threatened to liquidate. Most of those involved came from El Salvador, where the group has its main leaders. With the arrival of Republican, raids against them have increased since being criminals and undocumented lead the list of possible deportation. In May the Los Angeles police arrested 21 members. Regarding the case of Damaris, authorities arrested 18.


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