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For a full-time writer at a productivity blog, I’m pretty bad at mornings. So when we asked Lifehacker’s Facebook fans for their best hacks for making mornings easier, I was excited for the answers. We got some great tips!

Popular tricks include a programmable coffeemaker, a repeating alarm, and getting out your clothes overnight. Here are the best tips from the thread.

Federico Valentín Durán Fernández mentally preps the night before:

I go to sleep thinking of some interesting task I have to do the next day, and then wake up anticipating said task, which motivates me from bed to bus stop to desk.

Ashley Coffman focuses on the day’s rewards:

When I find it hard to get up and motivated, I think of at least three goods I have to look forward to that day. Sometimes it’s as simple as pizza for lunch or a new episode of a favorite show.

Jessica Moore-Lucas starts her day with a show:

I get up about 45 minutes before the rest of my family, putter around and listen to podcasts while I wake up. When it’s time to get the kids up for school, I’ve been up long enough that I’m in a better mood so it’s only their crabbiness in play, not mine.

Heather Moss has a singalong:

I listen to music that I enjoy singing along to. It wakes me up faster than anything else, and puts me in a good mood as I get ready for work.

See something missing? Know the name of that cool light-activated alarm? Tell us!


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