Monday, December 18, 2017
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Executive of 20th Century Fox leaves her position to help victims of harassment

20th Century Fox executive leaves his post to help victims of harassment
20th Century Fox

Claire Schmidt, Vice president of technology and innovation in 20th Century Fox, is one of the victims of sexual assault in Hollywood. His case has helped him also to denounce it, realize that they must do something to prevent stalkers or attackers list continues to grow. After a large number of victims have explained their experiences with personalities from the world of cinema, Schmidt has decided to leave his post in studies to create your own startup and help people to report incidents similar.

The startup AllVoices It was announced on Tuesday, November 14 in a post MediumWhere Schmidt explained that the tool developed to help workers who file cases of harassment or sexual harassment anonymously. AllVoices made reports and deliver to the CEO of the company accused without any kind of information about the applicant to monitor the case is made and measures taken. "We believe this increased transparency and accountability will help companies to see what must take action and help them prioritize what to do first," he wrote the founder of the startup.

The former 20th Century Fox executive said that victims often do not report bullying incidents fear of having an impact at work level. Their strategy is to avoid this fear and getting more and more workers are those who report.

If we can provide a secure way for employees to report, we can help more people.

Among the investors is AllVoices Sean Rad, cofounder of Tinder; Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, former Google executive and founder of Joyus, among others. Susan Fowler, The former engineer who brought to light cases of sexual harassment in Uber is one of the advisers of the startup.

The wave of allegations of sexual harassment in Hollywood that began with Harvey Weinstein was the main motivation for Claire Schmidt, who recalled that when he read the articles on the subject, he thought: "Have we done enough? Have I done enough? [To avoid] ".

To find the way to do justice to herself and the other victims, Schmidt had the help of advisers, people who have suffered sexual assault or harassment, lawyers, activists and even guilty of harassment, He said in its publication.

Salida The 20th Century Fox is one of the Megan Colligan, The president of Paramount Pictures who left his post for "a pattern of gender bias and discrimination." The lawyer warned that this would be the beginning of an exodus by more women film studios in Hollywood for gender discrimination.


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