Denmark He pulled out his ticket to the World Cup after winning authoritatively by 5 to 1 about Ireland visitor status, after the 0-0 who had starred in the first leg of the playoff.


The meeting began as victory for the home side with a goal by Duffy and Dublin was filled with hubbub and excitement. But Christie, against a hat-trick of Eriksen and Bendtner, criminal, turned the match, The key and joy moved into northern Europe.

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In this way, Scandinavian combo will play a World Cup, after his last participation in 2010 South AfricaWhen he was eliminated in the first round. Before, he had been in Korea-Japan 2002, France 1998 and Mexico 1986.

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Denmark joins Belgium, Germany, England, Spain, Poland, Iceland, Serbia, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia and Sweden, in order to complete the 12 Europeans who are in the world, plus Russia, which will be local.

Only define the playoffs remain between Honduras-Australia, To be held this Wednesday morning and Peru New ZealandOn Wednesday night. Both were goalless draws in the first leg.


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