'Rider' de Deliveroo en Londres

Precariousness 2.0. A nickname that is often attributed to the work associated with digital platforms that provide users what they demand, whether a simple message; a cleaning service, plumbing or food delivery or car with driver to take them where they need. Polemics about the conditions of these independent providers that offer services -contratistas work temporarily have bad press this 'platformization' work, which is the so-called economy gig (Often misnamed 'collaborative').

In Spain, this model is represented by companies like Deliveroo, which connects users to restaurants by deliverymen carrying food delivery, all through a platform or app. Deliveroo started business in Spain two years ago and is present in nine provincial capitals and 10 municipalities in towns near Madrid and Barcelona. According to its data- works with more than 2,000 restaurants and gathers approximately 1,000 dealers. They call them riders by the British origin of this company, founded in London (United Kingdom) four years ago.

Diana Morato

Madrid interviewed the CEO of Deliveroo in Spain, Diana Morato, we spoke of this platformization of work and the future of the food delivery sector.

Have you lost the narrative battle platforms in the field of work?

I think we have not emphasized enough in our business model, which has positive things and others that are not. Also others that could change, and what we want is to find ideas and support to make it through a constructive dialogue. It is important that the media not only reflect the view of a small portion of dispatchers unhappy because the vast majority not It is, and even some fans of Deliveroo declared. The speech here in Spain is too scrawny and many of those who are leading are not even deliverers.
For our part, we will do everything we can to legal level to find a way to make this work for everyone. If there is a majority that asks us something, we have to see how it can be done within the legal framework of the figure of the self. From our point of view it is the best suited but may require changes. There is no perfect model, and this dialogue is an opportunity for everyone to contribute and build.

Deliveroo dispatcher profile

Deliveroo: "The discourse on the work platform is too simpleton"

According to data provided by the company:

- 40% are younger than 25 years.

- 31% said devote the proceeds to finance long-term projects, such as saving for entrepreneurial activities.

- Obtain average revenues of 10.5 euros per hour plus VAT.

- Those who receive at least 75% of its total revenue from collaboration with Deliveroo have TRADE supplier status. The rest are autonomous.

- Flexibility is the benefit most valued "by 50% stands out as the main benefit of working with the company and 82% particularly appreciates the ability to accommodate work to his personal life, rather than having to adapt their life work, "says Deliveroo.

Do you think it will become more the platformization work with the so-called economy gig?

Se habla mucho del futuro del trabajo y creo que lo que hay que hablar es del presente. Y ese presente desde hace años pasa por una mayor flexibilidad. Muchas tareas se pueden automatizar para hacerse de forma más eficiente y con menos errores a través de máquinas y de inteligencia artificial, y eso hay que incorporarlo al modelo productivo del país y significa tener puestos aún más cualificados. La reflexión va mucho más allá de Deliveroo. Las necesidades de trabajo cambian a lo largo de la vida y hay gente que quiere poder elegir. Hay personas que quieren un trabajo muy esporádico y complementario a otras fuentes de ingresos. Ahí entran modelos como el de Deliveroo. Tiene que haber opciones para todos.

Would you say that these models are positive? Why?

Because they are so flexible that as a dealer, you have control and can decide at any time whether you work or not work. In addition, it is an additional way to earn income for young people. We criticize that youth does not work, and these models offer them a chance to do so with a low entry barrier and flexibility. For this reason, they are also a way to earn money to have a basis on which to build, and an option for seniors who are looking for a supplement.

I think companies and public servants are far behind what people want. We have to adapt to your needs. Some dispatchers tell me they want to pursue other things and that work is something that allows them to earn money to pursue his passion. A rider Barcelona told me that he wants to devote himself to the bike and make their journeys. Our duty is to provide you earn money that allows him to be happy.

Diana Morato

In some cases it may be so, but there are still many people looking for a permanent job eight hours with a guaranteed monthly salary ...

Por eso pienso que tenemos que dar encaje a todo el mundo. Claramente sigue habiendo un porcentaje de la población que responde al estereotipo del funcionario o que quiere una estabilidad laboral y una previsión como quienes tenemos un trabajo a tiempo concreto. Yo lo que haría es cuestionar por qué la gente se aferra a tener un contrato indefinido. Venimos de un desempleo estructural muy grande y el miedo nos lleva sujetarnos a lo que tengamos. Tal vez debamos trabajar en las habilidades de las personas para que mientras tengan un contrato estén protegidas, para que tengan derecho a una pensión propia asegurada y que se den las circunstancias para que hoy puedan estar trabajando en un sitio y mañana en otro sin agobiarse.

How do you do that?

Hay diferentes modelos. Desde el funcionario con previsión total y absoluta toda su vida hasta el modelo más inestable de todos, cuyo estatus de trabajo varía cada minuto. Entre ambos hay muchas opciones y lo que busca Deliveroo y lo que nos están pidiendo los repartidores es algo intermedio, con unos ingresos atractivos, protección durante el tiempo en el que están trabajando y una previsión menor a la de un empleado pero muy parecida a la de cualquier otro autónomo. Dentro de eso, la cuestión es cómo podemos trabajar con administraciones públicas, sindicatos y otros grupos de interés para dar aún mayor seguridad a estas personas y cumplir sus expectativas dentro de un marco legal que les dé protección a ellos y también a las empresas.

What tools are to carry this out?

Cuando hablamos con los repartidores, ellos suelen comentar que les condiciona bastante el hecho de que haya una cuota mínima fija de autónomos. Quieren que no se les ponga trabas para poder trabajar y tener los máximos pedidos por hora posibles. También piden mayor comunicación con la empresa para trasladarnos mejoras en el proceso que aprecian en su interacción con restaurantes y usuarios, o cosas como llevar chaquetas corporativas como las que llevan en otros países. Y no es que nosotros no queramos tener más comunicación ni darles las chaquetas, sino que nos frena el límite que establece el marco regulatorio entre ser un autónomo o ser un empleado. Como no está claro, preferimos irnos al extremo de cumplir a rajatabla, pero nos gustaría encontrar una forma de comunicarnos de forma fluida.

How is the relationship with deliverers after strikes by the abolition of guaranteed payment -in September- two orders per hour?

At first there were many problems because they did not understand the change and generated uncertainty, but reality has shown them that their situation is now better than before because they are earning an average of over 5% more. Currently, rider working with Deliveroo obtains average revenues of 10.5 euros per hour plus VAT. Payment for order a new incentive system that enables dispatchers to access higher income is added.

That change is the result of discussions with more than 200 distributors over months in which we raised what things our system did not like. And one of them is that it did not seem fair. There were deliverymen who wanted to increase their income and complained that that model earned the same as others who did much less. The current system helps those who want to work more.

What do you think of Deliveroo exrepartidores are creating a cooperative to offer an alternative home delivery service?

To me the competition seems very positive, and serves to improve a sector. It is always good for people to innovate. If they manage to find ways to reach users in a different way maybe we can learn from them.

After the strikes and the constitution of this cooperative, it has been stampede riders en Deliveroo?

No. It's been less than 30%. The accession process to new contracts concluded with support of more than 70% of the dealers. Case apart are the people with whom we collaborate for operational reasons, due to poor service. For example people with poor repeated or transport rather than eat them orders attitude. But not everything is bad. There are very beautiful stories of dispatchers that his own risk and help users when they go home to deliver an order and they ask them for a favor. It is life itself.

Who benefits from a service like Deliveroo?

To those who have little free time, or they do not like to cook, or are in trouble, or who simply want to enjoy a meal home from a restaurant because they have to be working or can not go there. It is also used as a gift, such as a US guy who wanted to give to his grandmother (in Madrid) with a request for her birthday with a personalized message because she had always cooked for him. I would like to eventually be a service not only for special occasions but for any time of day and for everyone.

Is it affordable for average daily food economy in order Deliveroo?

It's a very good question, and something on which we are working. I think here we still have enough to do. I think for weekends or occasionally it is, but maybe not to eat three times a day seven days a week.

How has the market for food at home?

We arrived two years ago with the idea to revolutionize it. At that time there was no company that would give a full service delivery que pudiese asegurar una calidad de servicio, unos tiempos de entrega de cara al cliente y una solución de problemas en caso de haberlos. Al principio era muy complicado para nosotros explicar a los restaurantes de calidad que podían tener ingresos adicionales enviando su comida a través de Deliveroo y que sus platos llegarían en perfectas condiciones. Invertimos muchísimo en abrirles la mente y en convencerles de que era posible. Y por parte de los clientes, en hacerles ver que hay comida a domicilio más allá del kebab de tres euros (sin hacer de menos al kebab).

Ahora los restaurantes ya se han dado cuenta de que pueden mejorar sus ventas hasta un 30% con nosotros y nos exigen más. En este punto, nos planteamos transformar el mundo de la restauración. Por eso hemos lanzado Editions, una apuesta para la que hemos levantado 365 millones de dólares [casi 313 millones de euros]. Con ella buscamos ampliar la oferta en zonas donde nos hemos dado cuenta de que nos faltan restaurantes para cubrir la demanda. Lo hacemos ofreciendo a restaurantes seleccionados un espacio de cocina en ciudades donde no están presentes. Ellos ponen al chef y los ingredientes , pero no pagan costes fijos. Del resto nos encargamos nosotros, con el compromiso de que lo que cocinan se destina exclusivamente al envío a domicilio con Deliveroo. Este servicio ya está funcionando en países como Inglaterra y se está considerando su llegada a España.

What answer offers Deliveroo who demand food that is not among the majority offer such as dietary, vegetarian, etc. - or who suffer from allergies? ¿Contemplate expanding the range of restaurants in this line?

For you have hit the nail. It's our next step. So that people routinely use Deliveroo much we need to open the spectrum of types of food. Also, my son is allergic to milk protein and are always looking homemade food, so I understand the problem. In fact, we have a special category for finding gluten-free options.

Are you afraid that some new technology as block chain replace the work of platforms such as Deliveroo, the disintermediation process altogether?

I think Deliveroo does much more than connect with dispatchers restaurants. If our value was just that, in a few years we would be superfluous. The part is precisely that we are working all the intelligence that has a varied and adequate supply at an affordable price. The technology is improving a lot and continue to do so: allows, for example, there are business models as Editions, or dispatchers can deliver orders in three or five minutes without waiting in restaurants. In the same vein, we continue to see progress that will be helpful, but people always need.


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